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July 30, 2022 in SARMS

SARMs is a steroid alternative that boosts your athletic performance and helps you reach your fitness goals by copying the effects of steroids without the harmful side effects. However, prolonged and recreational use of SARMs can lead to serious consequences, such as intense mood swings and depression.

Depression affects the way your feelings and decision-making. It causes sadness and a loss of interest in things you used to enjoy. Most of the time, unauthentic SARMs are the culprits causing this side effect.

Do SARMs Affect Your Mood?

SARMs seem like the best alternative to steroids, however, they are still unregulated and untested in humans. This means that you cannot predict SARMs’ effect on the body or possible negative effects in the long run.

SARMs are tissue-selective, which means it only targets your muscles and bones. However, the effect on the brain is unclear at this time. Since it is unregulated, many companies can make whatever claims they wish, which adds to its unpredictable effects.

These supplements can actually suppress the natural production of testosterone if not used correctly, which results in mood swings, depression, and anxiety. Since testosterone is a neuroactive hormone, it can directly impact the central nervous system.

Although the link between low testosterone and depression is not established yet, experts deduce that testosterone increases the function of dopamine and serotonin, which promotes pleasant feelings.

However, proper cycles of SARMs are hardly associated with symptoms of depression.

If you take the incorrect dosages of SARMs or take it longer than you’re supposed to, then you can experience mood swings and depression. To reduce the risk of decreasing your testosterone levels while taking SARMs, you should also take post-cycle therapy as well.

Constant Use Of SARMs Can Increase The Risk Of Developing Depression

Constant use of SARMs with no healthy breaks can induce more side effects. Although they are safer than anabolic steroids, SARMs still have minimal side effects at smaller, controlled doses.

Some bodybuilders don’t take smaller doses, which is why they are at risk of many side effects, including acne and hair loss. They can also experience a lower level of testosterone. The more SARMs you introduce into the body, the natural production of testosterone is suppressed.

A study showed that this decline in testosterone production could be prevalent for years even after you stop taking supplements. These individuals have a higher chance of developing symptoms of depression.  

SARMs are not addictive, however, individuals may become addicted to the extra energy, focus, strength, and confidence it brings. This is another reason why depression may affect certain SARM users.

Some SARMs Supplements May Contain Unwanted Ingredients

Since SARMs are not FDA-approved, they can only be sold legally for research purposes. However, some companies have the chance to do underhanded things to make their SARMs cheaper to make, such as:

  • Mixing them with toxic chemicals so they don’t spend a lot of money on production.
  • Mixing them with weaker and harmful substances to make false claims and increase profits.
  • Not labeling all the ingredients or listing ingredients that are not really there.

Unverified SARMs ingredients may affect the central nervous system, leading to anxiety, major mood swings, and depression. Therefore, you must properly research before purchasing these supplements online. Reliable sources will always have credible reviews, on-call consultants, and a viable license to sell.

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