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July 29, 2022 in SARMS

SARMs are often compared to anabolic treatments and steroids because they have the same effects, however, SARMs are different. These supplements can directly target a single androgen in the body. This is unlike steroids, which negatively affect other parts of the body. 

SARMs attach to the androgens in the muscle tissue and bone cells. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your other organs being affected. These supplements also do not cause swelling in areas that shouldn’t swell, such as the prostate. 

However, since they are taken to promote muscle mass growth and overall fitness, they trick the brain into thinking that there’s enough testosterone being produced. This leads to the brain decreasing the natural production of testosterone and stops sending signals to the testicles.

Therefore, SARMs use can actually lead to low sperm count and smaller testicles, which may present symptoms of infertility. However, this is treatable, and men do recover from this infertility.

Once they stop the cycle, it takes 3 months for sperm count to return to normal. If they use it for a long time, it might take a year or more to recover.

Unfortunately, there are no long-term studies on SARMs and their effect on sperm production and fertility. If you’re currently trying to have children, it’s probably best to stay away from these kinds of supplements as a whole. 

If you’re already in a cycle, make sure to get the necessary PCTs when you complete the cycle. This will help your body’s hormones return to normal, which will treat symptoms of infertility.  

All SARMs will treat individuals differently, so it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly the effect on fertility. While adverse effects can be reversed, it’s best not to use SARMs constantly as your body can develop a tolerance.

What To Consider Before Taking SARMs

For now, scientists only know the short-term effects on sexual performance, fertility, and sperm count, however, these could become long-term effects. Studies have not explored other effects that SARMs may have on other parts of the body, such as bone health or regulating heart health. 

These functions also affect fertility and sperm count.

If you want to start using SARMs but are concerned about fertility, experts recommend you to go to the doctor to have all medical conditions reviewed.

Apart from reproductive organs, SARMs may also affect other parts of the body. If you’re currently taking medications, it’s best to visit the doctor to avoid dangerous interactions. 

When patients understand the risks, they can make an informed decision about SARMs and how long they should take it.

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