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July 29, 2022 in SARMS

SARMs are popular among bodybuilders and those who want to get a fit physique. Since they don’t function the same way as steroids, they do not readily show up on a a normal drug test.

The presence of SARMs is not found in a normal CDT (compulsory drug testing) and standardized testing, so they will not show up on a drug test. CDT only tests for basic recreational drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. 

The only time SARMs are tested for is if you’re in a competitive sport or if an employer or the military asks for a direct test for SARMs, steroids, and other substances. In these tests, SARMs will definitely show up.

How Long Do SARMs Stay in Urine?

Urine tests are the most cost-effective method of testing for drugs, so if it’s a standard test for common drugs, you have nothing to worry about. However, it’s best to know how long SARMs last in urine.

The half-life of SARMs does not equate to their detection times in the body. Ostarine and Ligandrol have similar half-lives, but Ostarine stays in the urine for nine days, while Ligandrol is only excreted after twenty-two days. 

On average, SARMs can stay in urine for a month after your last dosage. You should plan accordingly if you’re going to be tested specifically for SARMs.

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