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July 29, 2022 in SARMS

Gynecomastia is the excess growth of breast tissue in males. The condition can lead to swollen, puffy, and breast-like appearance in the nipple area. Although it is harmless, it can cause mental distress and lowered self-esteem. 

When you start taking external androgens such as SARMs, they attach to androgen receptors (AR) to bring about their desired effects. Depending on how attached they are to this receptor, they compete with the natural, ‘free’ testosterone in the body, which also binds with the AR.

The body usually keeps free testosterone very regulated, as it’s like a reserve tank. However, if the testosterone in the body does not bind to the AR due to the presence of SARMs, the body will try to regulate these high levels by suppressing the natural production of testosterone. 

It will also convert the remaining testosterone into estrogen through a complex process called aromatization. The sudden increase in estrogen can cause certain males to develop gynecomastia as a result. 

While the condition cannot be cured, you can do certain exercises in an attempt to lose some fat from your chest area. Taking PCT after a SARMs cycle can also reduce the breast-like appearance.

Exercises to Reduce Gynecomastia

It is not possible to target one area for fat loss, however, you can do cardio exercises to burn general fat and chest exercises to increase the size of your pectoral muscles.

This helps to reduce the amount of fat while building muscle. 

You can also take a testosterone booster during the PCT protocol phase of your fitness journey. Include the following exercises in your training regime:

  • Walking and running- These actions help reduce your body mass index (BMI) and burn fat when done every day. It’s also very easy to integrate into your daily routine.
  • Swimming- This is a low-impact form of cardio, but it uses your chest muscles and arms. This is good for building your pectoral muscles and burning fat. Focus on using your arms with different strokes.
  • Rowing machines- This is a full-body workout and involves both the arms and chest. The pulling motion of the machine strengthens the chest and back muscles while burning body fat. These machines are also good for increasing your joint strength.

Affected individuals must remember that this is a non-surgical approach and not a definite cure to gynecomastia. In this case, gynecomastia isn’t a result of an underlying condition, so that it will fade over time.

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