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July 29, 2022 in SARMS

Anabolic steroids and other strong testosterone medications often cause reduced sperm count and sex drive. The creation of SARMs aims to provide the benefits of steroids, promoting anabolic activity on the muscle and bone without these negative effects.

However, the possibility of SARMs affecting sex drive is not entirely lost, as incorrect use or the use of illicit supplements can negatively affect libido.

Do SARMs Support Sexual Health?

SARMs are designed to avoid sexual side effects that could lead to infertility problems. Additionally, these supplements have minimal effects on the prostrate compared to steroids or prohormones. Avoiding the use of anabolic steroids will reduce the risk of affecting the levels of hormones in the body.

SARMs showed some impressive results during testing phases, such as LGD-2226. This SARM improved sexual function and sexual intercourse without a drastic impact on the prostate. These results have also shown a significant increase in libido.

LGD-2226, alongside others, can also increase sexual endurance. These products are still in the testing phases, so there is no evidence of the long-term effects. However, since various hormones work together to balance sex drive, body fluid levels, and metabolism, SARMs have the potential to affect these areas as well.

SARMs Can Increase And Decrease Libido

It’s possible for SARMs to both increase and decrease libido. This is mainly in the first and second half of cycles, where they increase it in the first half and decrease it in the second half. In the first half, the supplement supports libido due to the hormonal changes.

However, SARMs are suppressive towards the end of the cycle, which decreases the level of testosterone. This is why libido is decreased in the second half of the cycle. These effects don’t last long, as the body recovers from this suppression in 2 to 4 weeks with post-cycle therapy.

Many experts recommend users to invest in post-cycle therapy, which is a period of time where natural hormone levels are restored. For SARMs, you can start PCT straight after you complete your cycle. This doesn’t apply to compounds such as Stenabolic or Cardarine because they are not SARMs.

If you don’t use PCT, it could take months or longer for hormone levels to return to normal. You would experience several side effects during this restoration period, especially with low testosterone. This can decrease sexual function and libido.

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