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September 6, 2022 in Supplements

There are a lot of reasons why men want to lose weight. This could be anything from wanting to feel healthier and look fitter, to fighting off health issues. There are lots of methods to lose weight that all boast they are the best. Men can take meal supplements, go on heavy diets, and incorporate some heavy gym hours. Whichever method men choose to shed their weight, they can take fat burners that are full of minerals, essential vitamins, and other fat-burning ingredients to help them shave off those extra few pounds. Throughout this article, we examine 5 of the best fat burners available in 2021.








1. PhenQ - Best Overall and Most Effective

PhenQ is a potent fat burner manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited that only uses 100% natural ingredients in the process, making it the optimal choice. These fat burners work by suppressing the appetite, limiting the absorption of fat, improving mood, and boosting energy. PhenQ is known for its combination of five ingredients that help shave off body fat. 

As well as being the optimal choice for men’s fat burners, they’re equally effective for women.


  • Caffeine - Everyone knows that caffeine is found in products like coffee, energy drinks, dark chocolate, and much more. Caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system, which can boost metabolism and see fat-burning abilities increase by 13%.
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate - Naturally occurring in red meats, nuts, and vegetables, this amino acid helps the body transfer stored fats into usable energy. It can also support being active alongside dieting as it can make you more alert.
  • Chromium Picolinate - This is one form of the chromium mineral that is used in a range of supplements. Chromium picolinate works to aid the function of insulin, which is used as part of the carbs, fat, and protein process. It also works its fat-burning magic to reduce cravings.
  • Nopal - You may already know what fiber is good for, and nopal does just that. Working hard to keep the bowel movements flowing, the nopal cactus also laces the body with energy and flushes out any unnecessary fluids that make us fat.
  • Capsimax Powder - This amplified version of capsicum (referred to as chili powder in some parts of the world), mixes other natural ingredients to boost capsicum’s weight loss abilities. Other ingredients include vitamin B3 and piperine. Capsicum, when combined with the rest of the natural ingredients, gives the body a much-needed shock into working harder and shedding weight. 

Does it Work?

The five active ingredients in PhenQ pull together to make it one of the best fat burners for men. The ingredients are chosen carefully based on their fat-reducing abilities and capabilities to control behaviors during weight loss programs. 

Working together, the ingredients are proven to help increase metabolism, suppress appetite, and reduce the absorption of fat within the body. There’s no surprise that PhenQ is arguably the most effective fat burner for men.


- Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee

- There’s no need to worry about being scammed, the company is 100% legit

- Results are reported to show in a short time

- Facilities used during manufacturing are all FDA-approved

- Fat oxidation is improved

- You don’t need a prescription to take them

- Owing to only using 100% natural ingredients, there are no side effects


- List ElemenNot suitable for those under 18t

- Pregnant mothers or those nursing should consult their doctor

- Caffeine can mess with your bedtime routine

2. Instant Knockout

Manufactured by Roar Ambition, based in Leeds, UK, Instant Knockout has been developed on the back of years of research. With the knowledge of which chemicals are responsible for which fat-burning processes in the body, Roar Ambition has created a supplement capable of knocking anyone’s fat away.


  • Extract of Green Tea - This powerful addition slays your fat away from different angles. Most significantly, it increases your metabolism and elevates your calorie burn throughout the day, which helps to keep the weight off. 
  • Cayenne Pepper - Brimming with vitamin A, C, and B6, this ingredient packs a strong punch. Cayenne pepper contains a bioactive alkaloid called capsaicin which helps to reduce the desire to eat. Further, it boosts the metabolism through its thermogenic qualities, while enhancing fat oxidation.
  • Glucomannan - Coming from the konjac plant, this fiber doesn’t do anything to improve your metabolism or boost your energy levels. Instead, this complex extract passes through the stomach without being digested, which somehow makes you feel fuller for longer. It also works to reduce cravings. 
  • Vitamin B6 - This vitamin supports your health by improving the way that you produce energy. In addition to improving your metabolism, this vitamin helps you to regulate carbohydrates and fats. The inclusion of vitamin B6 means that you can achieve your calory deficit with much ease.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous - This powerful nutrient gives your body a much-needed boost to power through those intensive workouts. Furthermore, it focuses your mind and helps to get you set up for the day ahead. It has also been found that the reduction in fatigue can lower that dreaded post-workout burn. 
  • Vitamin D3 - Proven to lower blood pressure, a lack of vitamin D3 can impact workout performance through hypertension and cardiovascular events. In addition, it has been proven to strengthen the bone foundation and improve your BMI.
  • L-Theanine - Think of this as caffeine’s shoulder to cry on. When caffeine eventually burns you out, L-Theanine bursts into action and defeats the crash, meaning that you can go on for longer. This ingredient is also known for calming the mind and helping with sleep, which is important for meeting your workout goals.
  •  Piperine - Piperine is an extract of black pepper that helps the body to lose weight. This handy extract gets to work on your metabolism, digestion, thermogenesis, and can even suppress the formation of new fat cells.
  • Vitamin B12 - Aiding the body to convert food into usable energy, vitamin B12 will improve your metabolism, immune system, and give you the power to push through diets for longer. This ingredient will maximize your protein synthesis, help carbohydrate digestion, and support the breakdown of fatty acids, which will all support you in achieving an athletic composition.


- The more you spend, the more you save per bottle

- Instant Knockout suppresses appetites effectively

- Clear formula with no hidden agenda

- These fat burners are backed up by scientific research and study

- Uses glucomannan


- List ElemenNot suitable for those under 18t

- Pregnant mothers or those nursing should consult their doctor

- Caffeine can mess with your bedtime routine

3. Transparent Lab’s PhysiqueSeries

This fat burner series comes in hot from Transparent Labs because of its strong thermogenic compounds. It achieves other ingredients that can help you reach your weight-loss potential. PhysiqueSeries’ manufacturing process and ingredients are highly researched to ensure consumer safety.


  • Green Tea - This notorious fat-reducing ingredient is a common feature in fat-burning supplements. Of all of the components that improve metabolism, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is the most wanted. The combination of EGCG and L-Theanine is speculated to be the most powerful components in green tea. 
  • Forskolin - For those stubborn areas of fat, this ingredient specifically attacks them by breaking down fatty acids. The specific version of forskolin is Forslean, which has been clinically proven to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass in obese men. 
  • 5-HTP - This is an amino acid naturally produced by the body, and is used to produce serotonin. People with low serotonin levels can find themselves feeling depressed, facing sleep orders, and seeing significant weight gain. By boosting 5-HTP levels, this supplement can help people get slimmer and feel better mentally. 
  • L-Tyrosine - This is an active form of tyrosine and is a powerful anti-stress amino acid. Working out can be stressful, so this ingredient is included to help lower stress and prolong motivation. 
  • L-Theanine - This amino acid is found naturally in green tea alongside EGCG and helps the body in lots of different ways, from weight loss to stress reduction.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous - This pure version of caffeine is a popular ingredient known to boost energy and support weight loss. The thermogenic qualities help to boost the body’s calorie burning abilities. When grouped with other ingredients found in the PhysiqueSeries, caffeine anhydrous is extremely beneficial.
  • Salicin Bark Extract - Extracted from the White Willow, this compound is transformed into salicylic acid in the body, which is responsible for aspirin’s beneficial effects. It has been found to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events, which will make you healthier for your diet.
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract - This extract, containing capsaicinoids, works to increase lipolysis (using fat as energy) and thermogenesis. Clinically, cayenne pepper extract has been found to eliminate weight gain and weight regain.
  • Synephrine HC1 - This strong fat-burner, sourced from citrus fruits, is proven to increase the body’s resting metabolic rate. 


- Excellent for athletes because there are no stimulants or prohibited drugs used

- FDA approved

- It helps curb appetite, improves fat storage, and boosts energy levels

- Works well to improve low mood feelings

- There are no harmful chemicals used throughout the manufacturing process

- There is a stimulant-free version similar to this available at Transparent Labs


- Caffeine is extremely high at 240g

- Pregnant or lactating women and anyone with heart conditions should avoid using this supplement

- Need to take 4 capsules/2 servings a day

4. Burn Lab Pro

Coming out of Performance Labs, Burn Lab Pro is perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight. It works by increasing thermogenesis, which dissipates calories amongst other fat-burning benefits. This fat-burning supplement stands out because it does not contain caffeine. Instead, compounds like BioPerine, Capsimax, and ForsLean are used; these mild compounds bear no side effects.


  • Forslean - Boasted as the world’s most powerful research-backed ingredient for burning fat. It is a root herb that triggers a myriad of hormones that boost fat breakdown, burn body fat, improve metabolic rate, and aid muscle growth. When you combine Forslean with exercise and a good diet, it is unstoppable.
  • Capsimax - This ingredient gets to work overseeing the improvement in fat breakdown and body temperature. People who take Capsimax are said to have a turnaround of 270 calories.
  • HMB - This ingredient helps to increase muscle mass by breaking down protein, even after your workout is over and done with.
  • GTF Chromium - Found in whole foods like brewer’s yeast, GTF Chromium works to shed weight from the body and enhance the activity of insulin.
  • Piperine - As discussed above, this black pepper extract helps fire up the body for optimal calorie burning. 


- Vegan-friendly formula

- Chromium helps with the normal macronutrient metabolism

- Known to improve lipolysis


- Need to seek medical advice before using

- No vitamins are used in this fat burner supplement

- Only available on Performance Labs’ website

- Can be fairly expensive for some people

5. Vintage Burn

Just like the rest of the supplements we’ve examined, Old School Labs carefully crafted Vintage Burn using only ingredients that are going to benefit your weight-loss regime. Although their approach to fat burning is simple, their supplements sure do pack a punch.


  • Extract of Green Coffee Bean - This is known to boost your mood and curb your fat and glucose absorption. 
  • Green Tea Extract - Rich in antioxidants, green tea increases your resting metabolic rate to use up stored fats.
  • Olive Leaf Extract - Olive leaf gets your body fired up by boosting your active thyroid naturally. 
  • Forskohlii Root Extract - This common active ingredient ignites the flame to get your body to break down stored fats at a much faster rate.
  • Garcinia Fruit Extract - This fruit extract works to burn fat while reducing the formation of new fat cells.
  • Raspberry Ketones - Raspberry Ketones are used to increase your metabolism, control your appetite and boost your energy levels.
  • Chrysin - by ensuring natural estrogen levels, your muscle mass is well-maintained.
  • Bacopa Extract - works hard to optimize your fat loss rate by inhibiting your metabolic slowdown.
  • Caffeine - As discussed previously, caffeine will break down fatty acids, boost your appetite, and increase your energy. 


- Vegetarian-friendly

- FDA approval assures it is extremely safe

- A popular choice for celiacs


- Contains high levels of caffeine so has to be taken at the correct time

- Can cause a range of side effects, so consult your doctor before usage

- Does not include any vitamins and minerals

FAQs related to male fat burners

What is the best male fat burner?

The answer to this question depends a lot on which type of fat burner you're looking for. A few common types include weight loss supplements, appetite suppressants, and exercise boosters. If it's one of these three in particular you might be most interested in then the best fat burner for men would be one of those three things. Just look above for our recommendations.

Do fat burners really work?

This question is a little difficult to answer because it depends on which type of fat burner you're talking about. In general, most fat loss supplements do work if they're used as instructed and combined with a healthy exercise and diet plan. This means that there are a lot of different factors that go into the effectiveness of these types of products. On the other hand, appetite suppressant pills tend to work better in most cases but only if the user's daily caloric intake is not too high.

What is the best fat burner on the market?

Like the question above, this answer depends on which type of fat burner you're interested in. If it's an appetite suppressant you might want to look at products like Lipozene, Leanbean or Neurotrim. If it's a weight loss supplement you're looking for there are hundreds available today so it's best to look at a few things to determine if any of them qualify as "the best". The first thing to consider is the number of clinical trials that have been performed using the product.

How can I lose tummy fat fast?

If you want to lose belly fat fast, you may want to look at ingredients that work in the body's energy production system. What this means is that if you have burning fat in your belly, your goal is to shut down energy production so that it will happen elsewhere. This means that the two most effective ingredients are caffeine and green tea. These two ingredients work by blocking the body's release of free fatty acids from fat cells.

Which foods burn fat the fastest?

The best foods for burning fat would be the ones that are most effective at increasing your metabolism. If you research ingredients that do this, you'll find a variety of thermogenic ingredients. These ingredients increase the rate at which your body burns calories so you need to remember that it's not just about the quantity of food eaten but also about the quality in terms of fat burning ingredients.

How long does it take to see results from a fat burner?

It really depends on which type of fat burner you're talking about.

Can fat burners cause liver damage?

Some fat burners contain ingredients that may cause liver damage. This is the result of some very potent stimulants and may be more common in products that are manufactured cheaply.

What is sibutramine?

Sibutramine is a prescription drug that has been banned by the Federal Drug Administration due to its potential side effects. It's classified as a "tobacco-like" drug because it triggers many of the same reactions in the body as nicotine but without any side effects of its own.

What is a natural belly fat burner?

For people who struggle with belly fat, there are a few things that can be done to help melt the fat away. The best thing for someone who wants to speed up the process is running which can cause an increase in the body's metabolism and in turn burn more calories.

Does caffeine help you lose weight?

While caffeine has been shown to have a negative effect on weight loss, it's still widely used in fat burning supplements.

Does apple cider vinegar burn belly fat?

One of the most common ingredients found in traditional weight loss remedies is vinegar. In many cases, apple cider vinegar is used and there's some evidence that it has a positive effect on fat burning.

How can I lose weight fast?

The challenge with this question is that there is no single answer because the best way to lose weight fast differs depending on your individual weight loss goals. Some people want to lose a large amount of weight quickly, while other individuals may want to gradually lose a little bit of weight each week. There are many factors involved in this decision such as your metabolism, genetics, and visceral fat level. As such, you may need to consult with a doctor or nutritionist for tailored advice about how much you should weigh and how much exercise you need each day.



  • Backed by clinical studies
  • Great discounts for buying in bulk
  • Free gifts available with purchase
  • Money-back guarantee

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