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The rising numbers on the weighing scale are a dreaded sight for anyone, especially women over 50 who are overweight. Weight gain is often attributed to the perimenopause and menopause phases, which drastically influence hormone levels resulting in fluctuating estrogen levels, slower metabolism, mood swings, sleep issues, appetite changes, changes in skin and muscle tone, among others. 

This is the primary reason women need extra help in managing their weight and getting them to function and perform at their peak. Supplements such as fat burners can boost and regulate the body and mind to ensure weight is lost rather than gained. In this article, we look at fat burners that can target fat gain successfully while providing women over 50 with other benefits:

Best Fat Burners For Women Over 50



- All-natural female-centered fat burner

- Regulates hormone levels

- Supports appetite suppression



- Scientifically proven formula

- Blocks new fat production

- Positively affects mental health



- Three way approach

- Stabilizes blood sugar levels

- Promotes better metabolism rates



- Reduces absorption of sugar

- Reduces appetite 


Hourglass Fit

- Stimulant-free formula

- Boosts mental well-being

1. Leanbean

Leanbean is an all-natural female-centered fat-burning supplement created by industry-leading experts from Ultimate Life. Created by women for women, Leanbean seamlessly addresses issues that hinder women's weight loss journeys.

The carefully designed formula contains several evidence-backed ingredients with excellent safety and efficacy profiles. Its ingredients are present in high doses, which provide rapid results and potent effects.

Leanbean supports appetite suppression and accelerates metabolism rates while triggering thermogenesis, encouraging the body to eliminate stored fats, block the development of new fats and convert fat to energy. This triple effect is complemented by antioxidant/anti-inflammatory properties that regulate blood sugar levels and address hormone fluctuations that often occur as women age.

The combined effects of the supplement accelerate muscle repair, decrease pain, and relieve muscle soreness, allowing you to achieve better results when exercising. The Leanbean formula also encourages restorative sleep and supports mental vitality.

Key Ingredients

Leanbean has a unique composition of 12 cutting-edge natural ingredients that work with hormones rather than against them. We found that the blend of  Garcinia Cambogia, Konjac Fiber, and Cayenne Pepper performs 3 functions that support weight loss—suppresses appetites,  regulates blood sugar levels, and induces thermogenesis.

Pros and Cons


  • 100% evidence-backed natural ingredients
  • Supports thermogenesis—accelerates full body fat  loss
  • Regulates hormones levels and accelerates metabolism
  • Nutritional support—high vitamin/mineral/antioxidant content
  • Eliminates cravings/appetites and promotes better fat utilization


  • Must be taken on a strict schedule
  • Dosage and usage schedule cannot be altered

Why Choose Leanbean

Leanbean is ideal for women over 50 as it contains a blend of natural ingredients that directly target metabolism levels. It also regulates hormone levels which is a huge plus for women in the menopause phase. This helps women reach peak fat-burning rates without experiencing physical, mental, or emotional discomfort.

2. PhenQ

Created by Wolfson Berg Limited, PhenQ is a natural weight loss aid that mirrors the effects of several fat burners to give users a single, comprehensive weight loss solution.

The supplement has a clean formula that contains a unique blend of ingredients that have been proven to trigger several fat-burning processes. It lowers calorie consumption by curbing appetites and cravings while supporting natural fat elimination.

It also unlocks fat stores, which allows the body to use fat for energy and blocks the creation of new fat cells. In addition, the supplement induces thermogenesis which boosts metabolism rates, resulting in a 24-hour burn cycle that allows users to burn fat even on rest days.

The product increases energy levels and supports muscle development/maintenance as well, which is especially helpful for women over 50 who lack a constant supply of energy and lose muscle mass/functionality pre-post menopause. PhenQ provides nutritional benefits, which replenish vitamin and mineral stores while regulating mental and emotional processes.

Key Ingredients

PhenQ has a scientifically proven formula that includes components such as α – Lacys Reset, Piperine Extract, and Capsicum Extract, which are behind the supplement's fat-burning effects. The potent trio also improves moods, muscle functionality/growth and boosts thermogenesis while increasing metabolism rates and eliminating cravings.

Pros and Cons


  • Decreases cravings/appetites and increases metabolism rates via thermogenesis
  • Supports muscle functionality and blocks fat storage/production
  • 100% natural formula free of filler, harmful substances
  • Increases energy levels and regulates moods


  • Contains high amounts of caffeine
  • Has to be used with a controlled diet and exercise

Why Choose PhenQ

PhenQ uses an excellent fat-burning stack that allows it to take a multi-level approach supporting several fat-burning processes. This approach works in favor of women over 50 with fluctuating hormones, as it addresses issues like poor metabolism, cravings, low energy levels, and more.

The unique selection of ingredients also bridges the nutritional gaps caused by inconsistent diets or hormonal eating. Moreover, PhenQ positively affects emotional and mental health, addressing mood swings that occur after the age of 50.

3. Trimtone

Trimtone is a well-structured weight management supplement that eliminates excess fat for a more toned physique. The female-focused product contains a clean blend of ingredients derived from natural sources that have been proven effective for fat elimination.

It uses a simple 3-way approach to eliminate stored fats and block new fat formation. This begins with the increase of resting metabolic rates, which triggers the body to burn calories while inactive, which facilitates a 24-hour burn.

The product also stimulates thermogenic processes, increasing metabolism and energy levels for maximum fat elimination. These two approaches are complemented by craving and appetite suppression, supported by compounds that create a feeling of fullness and regulate insulin levels. This eliminates overeating and high carbohydrate/sugar consumption thereby promoting weight loss. The effects produced by the product also improve physical/mental energy levels, which allow users to exercise more, causing further fat loss.

Key Ingredients

Trimtone has an excellent composition that fuels the supplement's abilities. The formula contains several ingredients that play a part in the fat-burning processes. We found that 3 ingredients in the formula support its primary function. Acai Berry helps the body rapidly burn fat while Chromium stabilizes blood sugar levels thereby reducing cravings. The last component is BioPerine which triggers thermogenesis, promoting better metabolism rates. It also allows better absorption of vitamins/minerals. Together, these ingredients support weight loss while improving women's overall health.

Pros and Cons


  • Promotes mental/physical energy levels.
  • Natural formula that regulates insulin levels.
  • Increases resting metabolic rates—24-hour fat burn.
  • Induces thermogenesis, suppresses appetites/cravings.


  • Has high levels of caffeine which can cause side effects.
  • Not compatible with vegans.

Why Choose Trimtone

Trimtone directly addresses varying issues that might affect women over 50. Its three-way approach is ideal. it is supported by a blend of natural ingredients that not only boost fat burning process but also support mental/physical capabilities that typically tend to decline as hormones are thrown off balance due to perimenopause.

4. PhenGold

Created by Swiss Research Labs Ltd, a manufacturing giant specializing in natural supplement creation, PhenGold is a diet supplement made to match the physiology of both men and women. The distinct formula contains clinically-tested ingredients that significantly affect fat-burning processes.

Each PhenGold capsule contains an approved dose of extracts, vitamins, and minerals which increase energy levels, speed up metabolism levels, and reduce appetites and cravings, resulting in rapid fat burning.

The formula also supports muscle gain/maintenance and better muscle functionality while building vitamin and mineral reserves. It also contains mood enhancers that improve mental/emotional responses, reducing anxiety, stress, and mood swings.

Key Ingredients

PhenGold's composition is distinct as it has several stimulants. The formula contains green coffee and tea, which have been proven to reduce the absorption of both fat and sugar by the body while providing an energy boost. The caffeine in both ingredients induces thermogenesis as well, further facilitating weight loss. Rhodiola Rosea rounds off these benefits as it reduces mental/physical exhaustion and fatigue, which often accompany aging.

Pros and Cons


  • 100% natural ingredient formula
  • Clinically approved ingredient volumes
  • Increases metabolism and energy levels
  • Vegan-friendly, soy/lactose-free, non-GMO
  • Provides nutritional support for both body and mind
  • Burns fat and improves muscle functionality/definition


  • High caffeine content.
  • Sensitive users prone to side effects.

Why Choose PhenGold

PhenGold lives up to its name as it is seen as the gold standard. It can efficiently address the various effects of physical and hormonal changes in women over 50. The formula also provides users with essential vitamins and minerals that might decline as they age, which helps them lose weight and gain optimal health levels.

5. Hourglass Fit

Hourglass is a female-focused weight loss supplement made by Roar Ambition, a company that creates world-renowned fitness products. The supplement contains a synergistic blend of minerals, vitamins, and beneficial plant extracts that can eliminate fat.

The stimulant-free formula produces appetite-suppressing and thermogenic effects, which help curb cravings while boosting metabolism that help users burn fat faster.

The product targets abdominal fat and sheds fat cells from the area to help women achieve an hourglass figure. The combination of ingredients helps users shed weight and stay in shape naturally without problematic side effects or the possibility of energy spikes or crashes. Hourglass also boosts mental well-being, reducing anxiety, stress, and fatigue while increasing energy.

Key Ingredients

The key components in the Hourglass Fit formula are Vitamin B6, Glucomannan, and Capsimax. These 3 ingredients provide noticeable weight loss by stimulating fat-burning processes such as thermogenesis and reducing appetites and cravings. They also provide nutritional value to the body and help restore balance.

Pros and Cons


  • Targets abdominal fat.
  • Enhances energy and reduces fatigue.
  • Suppresses appetites and controls cravings.
  • Induces thermogenesis, increases metabolism.
  • Natural stimulant-free formula with zero side effects.


  • Must be used in conjunction with a strict calorie-controlled diet.
  • Maximum results achieved with scedules use/exercise.

Why Choose Hourglass Fit

The Hourglass formula not only assists women in losing fat and achieving a balanced fat-to-muscle ratio but also meets specific nutritional needs of women as they get older. The product works as a wellness aid that restores vitamin/mineral levels and allows women to shed fat more efficiently.

The stimulant-free formula is also beneficial as it is easier on tummies which are usually quite sensitive after age 50.


For women, aging comes with many conflicting physical, mental and physical changes that make you feel like your body/mind is working against you. This is especially the case with weight gain. Luckily, the products mentioned above provide users with a holistic solution.

After sifting through the properties of each option, we found these fat burners are the ideal option to help women get rid of excess fat while providing symptomatic relief from some of the issues women over 50 face.

Editor's Choice: Leanbean





Do I have to take fat burners on an empty tummy?

No, if it is not explicitly mentioned in user directions. However, experts find that fat burners work best when taken on an empty tummy as the ingredients are absorbed more easily into the system, and effects become apparent sooner.

How long till I see visible results from fat burners?

Most users will see visible results after 3-4 weeks of consistent use. Some users may not experience weight change within this time frame; however, they will see some reduction (in centimeters) and eventually move 1-2 sizes down.

If I stop using a fat burner, will I gain more weight?

No, discontinuation will not cause users to gain back weight or fat they have already shed. Experts recommend that users who stop using fat burners stick to a controlled diet and exercise routine after discontinuation to maintain their ideal weight.

When is the best time to take fat burners?

Most professionals suggest users take fat burners at least 30 minutes before their first meal or morning workout to maximize its efficacy. If the supplement needs to be taken several times a day, it's best to consume each dose 30 minutes before eating/exercising.

Will taking fat-burning supplements long-term negatively affect my health?

If the fat burner is conducive to long-term use, users can safely take it without worrying about damage to their health as long as it is taken according to usage and dosage guidelines.


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