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September 6, 2022 in Supplements

If you are struggling trying to make stubborn fat disappear and lose some weight, you might be wondering if there is some magic pill that can help us get rid of those extra pounds overnight. Well, sadly there isn't one, however, there are some natural supplements that can surely accelerate the process and help you burn fat quicker than you would without the extra push.

Can fat burners really help women lose weight and get fitter? Are fat burners worth the hype? Do we need a fat burner specifically designed for women for this?

We had a deep dive into the world or natural supplements for women and researched everything about them, including ingredients, formulas, expected results, reviews, testimonials, and so much more. We have done the research for you and compiled a list of the best fat burners for women that are looking to kickstart their weight loss journey and achieve their fitness goals. Let's take a look.


Best Fat Burner For Women

Best Thermogenic


Best For Energy


Best For Cravings


Good Appetite Suppressant


Leanbean is a completely natural dietary supplement especially designed for women. Understanding women's specific genetic and physiological struggles with weight loss and fat loss, Ultimate Life, manufacturers of Leanbean, created a natural blend of vitamins and minerals that aim to assist in weight loss by boosting energy levels and metabolism, suppressing hunger and reducing sugar cravings.

There are no artificial ingredients, harsh chemicals or synthetics included in Leanbean so you can buy with the confidence this is a safe product with many benefits and an impeccable reputation.

The reviews and testimonials online are excellent and the popularity of this product is undeniable. Women all around the world have tried it and can confidently say it has helped them achieve their fitness goals.

This product is only sold through their official website to avoid counterfeits, but they offer fantastic discounts when buying in bulk, where they include free shipping worldwide and 90-day money-back guarantee. 

If you want to read our full Leanbean review, click here.


- Effective for appetite suppression

- Hundreds of positive reviews from customers

- Formula with naturally-sourced  ingredients

- Lack of side effects to be concerned with


- Remember to take thrice daily.


PhenQ is a close second choice and also considered one of the best fat burners for women in the market. This is a thermogenic fat burner made with all-natural ingredients that works by increasing the temperature of the body to maximize the calories burnt throughout the day. It helps burn fat and stopping new fat production and it also reduces cravings and controls appetite, boosts energy levels, and improves mood to reduce the hassle of cutting down on calories while trying to lose weight.

Trusted manufacturers Wolfson Brands have been leaders in the dietary supplement industry for over a decade, helping create some of the best natural weight loss products. They have done extensive research and clinical trials to prove PhenQ's efficacy and having almost 200 thousand customers worldwide proves them right. 

They offer great savings on their website, and big discounts when buying in bulk. 

Check out our full PhenQ review here.


- 5-in-1 dietary supplements. 

- Backed by clinical studies and research.

- Burns stubborn fat and stop its production

- Increases energy and improves mood.


- High dose of caffeine for some people.

- Only sold through official website 

Instant Knockout

In third place we have Instant Knockout, a powerful fat burner that was originally created for MMA fighters and boxers. It was designed to fuel the body with energy for a great athletic performance, while also reducing appetite. This can successfully activate a whole body burn and help maximise the calories that are burnt with physical activity. 

This dietary supplement uses naturally sourced ingredients that help activate the thermogenic effect, meaning it increases body heat to ultimately burn many more calories. 

Instant Knockout is a great option for people that want a stimulant supplement that can help the boost their performance, but because it has a 350 milligrams of caffeine per daily serving, it can be too much for some people that are more sensitive to caffeine. 

This is a popular supplement among athletes looking to lose fat and also obtain muscle definition. 


- High-quality ingredients

- Helps build muscle and burn fat

- Thermogenic effect boosts metabolism and helps body burn more calories. 


- Need to take 4 times daily 

- High caffeine levels

- Not vegetarian


This dietary supplement was specifically designed for women to optimize mental and physical performance. This is done by providing the right doses of ingredients to improve metabolism rates, reduce appetite, improve endurance and energy, and help women lose weight. 

Powher is made with a blend of natural ingredients, including plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and low stimulants like caffeine, for an al-rounder dietary supplement. 

This formula doesn't have any side effects to be concerned with and it can be consumed multiple times a day as instructed. 

Check out our Powher vs Leanbean review here


- Optimal dosage clinically proven

- Natural ingredients with no side effects

- Controls appetite and reduces cravings

- Low stimulants


- Some can be sensitive to the caffeine content.

Hourglass Fit

Hourglass fit is a great option as well. It is a great appetite suppressant that doesn't curb the metabolism, because it also provides energy and speeds up the fat burning process. 

Also created with women in mind, Hourglass Fit is made with natural ingredients that can help women kickstart their weight loss journey with the confidence they need to smash their fitness goals. 

Hourglass doesn't contain stimulants like green tea extract or caffeine, which some people would prefer, and it is packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs.


- Natural ingredients

- Designed and tailored for women

- Improves mood and energy levels

- No stimulants included


- Needs to be taken 4 times daily.

- Price slightly higher than other supplements. 

Is It Harder For Women To Lose Weight?

It is true. Women do unfortunately have more difficulties losing weight than men, and there are genetic, psychological and behavioural differences that play an important part in this.

Men tend to have more muscle by nature, and because muscle burns more calories than fat, it leads to men generally having a faster metabolism too, which is how they could eat the same amount of calories as a female the same age and weight and simply lose more weight. 

The physiological differences also play a role in weight loss, and sometimes these are easily overseen. For example, studies have shown that women struggle more with controlling sugar cravings and food temptation in general. We all know the role sugar plays in gaining weight and how damaging it can be to weight loss, so this is an important point to take into account when planning on losing weight. 

When it comes to fitness and exercise, women tend to go for the cardiovascular activities, while men will prefer a heavy lifting session, which help build muscle, that leads to burning more calories, and to a faster metabolical rate as well.

Like the ones mentioned above, there are a lot more reasons why men have an easier path to a fit and lean body than women. Good news is: Understanding these differences have helped companies create products specifically designed to address the different problematic areas.

Common Ingredients In Women's Fat Burners

When it comes to dietary supplements, the ingredients and formulations play an important role in helping you achieve your weight loss goals. It is important to note that all the fat burners mentioned in this article have natural ingredients. 

Here are some of the ingredients that you will find in these fat burners and what they do, in case you want to understand the products better:


Dietary fiber that is extracted from the roots of the konjac plant. A popular component of weight loss products because of its natural ability to suppress appetite. But, how does it do that? By expanding in the stomach and making you feel full. This reduces the amount of calories that are consumed during the day, and it will make you less likely to end up overeating. 

This fiber also helps prevent constipation and increase the bowel movement up to 30%, which is an added value of Glucomannan.

Green Coffee Bean Extract:

This extract is taken from the coffee beans, but before they have gone through the roasting process, as some of the healthy compounds disappear during this stage, such as chlorogenic acids. These acids are high in antioxidants and they helps lower blood sugar, but it disappears when coffee beans are roaster, so the beans are more effective for weight loss before that happens.

Garcinia Cambogia:

Garcinia Cambogia is the tropical plant that Dr. Oz has been talking about for the last decade as the magical touch of weight loss. The hydroxycitric acid extracted from this fruit is popularly used to reduce and prevent fat accumulation. Many studies prove that garcinia cambogia can reduce appetite and boost metabolism, which are two things women need when trying to lose weight. 

Chromium Picolinate:

Another important ingredient for women. Chromium is a mineral considered essential, meaning that our body it needs but doesn't produce it, so it needs to be consumed mostly through our diets. Chromium Picolinate is a form of Chromium that is absorbed better. This ingredient is used in dietary supplements because it controls glucose levels and blood sugar, and because it assists in the processing of carbohydrates, sugars, and fats, which translates to a reduction of sugar cravings, which, as we mentioned before, a common struggle for many women. 

Black Pepper Extract:

There are many reasons why this is an attractive ingredient in fat burners. Firstly, because it helps absorb protein, vitamins and minerals, so all the nutritional value from the other ingredients is basically processed better. Research has also found that piperine can prevent the body from forming new fat cells, and that it also helps boost the metabolism, two things that women can struggle with when trying to lose weight. 


Caffeine is a popular ingredient because of its ability to increase energy levels by using fat cells as energy and stimulate thermogenesis, which increases your body temperature enabling it to burn more calories. 

The benefits of caffeine are undeniable, however, it also known that some people can't process caffeine too well, and can end up with the jitters or with sleeping irregularities. If you are one of them, there are some excellent fat burners with lower amount of caffeine for you.

What To Avoid

Disclaimer: None of the products mentioned in this articles contain any of the following ingredients. 


It was known for its metabolism boosting properties, but sale of products with ephedra were banned in the US by the FDA in 2004, after reports about 2 deaths related to products that contained it, and some other reports of elevated heartbeat, strokes and heart attacks.  Most fat burners won't use it, but it is important you buy them from a reputable source like their official websites, as there are counterfeit product that could contain it.

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol)

They said it could burn fat and increase cognitive function, but that was proven to be false. Not only the information was incorrect, the ingredient caused multiple unwanted side effects like bloating, headaches, constipation and manic episodes. Stay away from that if you see it.


It used to be a popular stimulant that elevates focus and burns far, and they said it was the equivalent to a super-espresso. The FDA banned it from use in dietary supplements in 2012 after many reported cases of heart attacks, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, and even death. The good quality fat burners would not use DMAA.

Tips To Improve Fat Burner Results

Like we said, fat burners are not magic pills, so they won't work if you are constantly overeating and not looking after your body and your health. Here are some tips that can help you with your journey:


The most important thing is consistency, so make sure you find a routine that works for your goals and your lifestyle, and not something that works for someone else. Things to include in your routine can be: a set time to take your supplements, exercise 3-4 times a week, going out for a walk every few days, add one set of extra vegetables in your meal, etc. 


If you have time, go for a longer workout or exercise more times during the week. If you don't, try short but effective workouts like HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), a workout where you alternate between high intensity exercises and low intensity ones. They are perfect for people with limited time and you can burn lots of calories in a session. 


You can take your fat burners before your workout as a booster for your performance. It will give you enough energy and help you burn more calories.


You don't have to stop eating delicious foods at all to lose weight. Just ensure you have a right balance on your table and that you are eating lots of proteins. Processed foods and sugar should be more limited and you should drink lots of water throughout the day. Aim for 2-3 liters per day.

Do Fat Burners Have Side Effects?

You might be a little bit scared about buying a fat burner because some of them in the past have developed a bad reputation by putting synthetic ingredients or ingredients that didn't have enough research, causing adverse reaction and nasty side effects. 

The fat burners listed in this article are all made with natural ingredients that have been studied and proved to be effective and safe. We picked them after doing a lot of research and reading hundreds of online reviews, which confirm the safety of them and the lack of side effects.

If you take these supplements as instructed and in the suggested doses, there should be nothing to worry about, unless you have a particular sensitivity or allergy to one of the ingredients. All the ingredients are listed in the products site and packaging, so make sure you have a look. Aside from that, you can buy them with peace of mind.


- Designed specifically for women.

- Suppresses appetite, and lowers sugar cravings.

- Boosts metabolism and energy levels.

- Fantastic online reviews and testimonials.

- No side effects.

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