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September 6, 2022 in Supplements

Leanbean has taken the market by storm with its fat burner that promises to help women reduce their appetite and cravings, boost their metabolism and give them more energy to get in shape.

But, is Leanbean worth the hype? Does it actually work, or is it another one of those cheap diet pills with barely anything in them?

There is no one better to ask than people who have actually taken Leanbean, so let's see some of the before and after pictures, reviews and testimonials from actual users.

But first...

What is Leanbean And How Does it Work?

Leanbean is a supplement that was specifically created for women, based on scientific evidence that points to men and women being different when it comes to weight loss and cravings. 

It is made with a blend of 100% natural ingredients and have no additives or synthetic components, and they work together to help women achieve their fitness and weight loss goals:

  • Reduce cravings and suppresses appetite
  • Increase energy levels 
  • Kickstart the metabolism
  • Reduce tiredness and fatigue

If you want to read our full Leanbean review, go here.

Before And After Real Results

Pictures & Reviews From Verified Buyers

Madeline, USA

Verified buyer 


Madeline was looking for the best diet pills, but all her research was leading to pills that had ingredients she couldn't understand and that people said give them the jitters, or made them feel lightheaded. When she found Leanbean, she checked the ingredients and knew them all, and also could not find bad reviews, so she ordered a bottle and has been taking it for some time. 

She has seen a big difference in her energy and mood, and after only one week of taking Leanbean, her appetite had already decreased. She now feels full with small portions and has cut down on snacking. 

The boost of energy is helping her stay active and she works out a few times a week. She has lost 5.5 pounds in a month and she claims is feeling better than ever.


Another verified buyer from USA, Tabby, has lost 7.5 kg in 2 months and have started to see her abs.

She says you have put in the work, and that you can't expect to see results without taking the capsules and having a big meal while watching tv. Instead, she now does 20 minute work outs, some walking in the mornings, and makes healthier food choices. 

She feels better and sleeps better as well. Even her skin has improved, and her cellulite has gone down. Her cravings have decreased and doesn't sack between meals anymore.

She is now on the way to her 55 kg goal, she feels good and her self esteem and confidence has improved.

Tabby, USA

Verified buyer 


Verified buyer 


Tyah, a verified customer, was doing all the right things, but not seeing the results she wanted. She would hit a plateau and could not break it. 

She tried Leanbean after not being able to find bad reviews of it, and now she is obsessed. She snackes less throughout the day and she says she loves the fact that Leanbean contains all natural ingredients. 

She has been able to finally break that plateau.

Tyah's Video Review

"has all I needed to get back to being my best self!"

Charity says she put on a lot of weight during and after pregnancy, and she could not stop gaining more. 

She started taking Leanbean and her weigh loss journey finally started. She had breakouts on her neck and they also have cleared up. She also feels more energetic, and she gets full after having small meals. 

Charity claims Leanbean is exactly the natural supplement she needed to get back to feeling her best. She is on her way to reaching her goal weight, and Leanbean is helping her get there.

Charity, USA

Verified buyer 

Hannah, UK

Verified buyer 

"I lost the stone in weight I had gained in 2 months"

Hannah noticed that she gained almost a stone in weight after giving up smoking. She knew one of the reasons was because she was having more snacks, but she couldn't stop eating, so she started looking for a product to help with the cravings. 

Hannah claims she has tried different fat burners, some horrible tasting powders and some capsules as well, but they gave her jitters and anxiety, which was also affecting her mood

She found in Leanbean what she needed: no jitters, no anger, less snacking and more exercising! She slowly lost the stone in weight she had gained before and now her clothes fit her again.

She has recommended Leanbean to her friends and some have already started using it.

Hannah's Video Review

"To sum up my first week: I felt amazing!"

Maisie says that one day she noticed she had gained a lot of weight. 

She didn't really trust supplements so she did a lot of research to make sure she was getting the safest and healthiest option that could help her lose weight and tone up. After seeing amazing reviews and seeing that it contained some ingredients that other supplements didn't, she got Leanbean.

She claims getting Leanbean helped her change her mindset and she started working out more and feeling more refreshed and energized in the morning. Her cravings are almost gone and she is eating smaller portions as she gets full quicker. 

As a result, she lost 9 inches off her waist in the first week, 4 inches off her hips and 3 inches off her chest. She has swapped fat for muscle and has never felt better.

Maisie, UK

Verified buyer 

Regan, USA

Verified buyer 

"has helped me lose weight, AND also maintain it"

Regan chose Leabnean after seeing the reviews were much better than any other similar product. 

She says she likes that Leanbean was designed specifically for women, and that so many had reported fantastic results. So she ordered and thought she would try it, and claim the money back guarantee if anything went wrong. She didn't use it.

Regan has been using Leanbean for over a month and has lost 10 pounds and maintained the weight off, which was always the hardest thing for her. She claims she looks and feels better than ever, and that Leanbean has helped her curb her appetite, keep her energy up, and she has even seen her cellulite disappearing. 


Vicky had tried supplements, tea detox, fat burners, everything. but never noticed much difference. 

With Leanbean, she can now feel how her snack cravings have decreased and how she feels fuller with small portions, which was so hard to control before. With 3 kids, snacking was difficult to avoid, however, now she barely has any, and she chooses healthier options and the right portions. 

Her energy has increased as well and she does a 20 min workout every day. After one month on Leanbean, Vicky has lost 8 pounds and dropped a dress size. She feels amazing.

Vicky, UK

Verified buyer 

Maxime, Netherlands

Verified buyer 


Maxime got Leanbean after seeing no reviews reporting bad side effects, like many others that were said to cause fast heartbeats or a tingling feeling. She also picked it because of the natural ingredients, which was an important thing for her, as she doesn't want to put synthetic chemicals in her body 

At the beginning she didn't trust the reviews, but went ahead and bought it anyway, and was impressed. She has experienced no side effects and her experience has been great. She is seeing results after a month, and is not getting more bottles. 

Maxime said that she doesn't feel like eating snacks anymore and is less hungry. She is combining Leanbean with a healthy diet and sports, and has recommended it to 2 friends already who are going to try it after seeing Maxime's results.

And like theses ones, you can find hundreds more reviews from verified buyers who have tried Leanbean and can swear by it. It is almost impossible to find negative reviews about this product.

If this is a supplement you have thought about getting but are still not sure, I get it, sometimes it's just hard to believe! But do remember that they have a pretty good money-back guarantee so there's really nothing to lose by trying. 

To see more reviews and testimonials, visit Leanbean's official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Place To Buy Leanbean

Leanbean is only sold through their official website, as the manufacturer decided that it was the best way to avoid counterfeit.

If you find Leanbean on sites like Amazon or any other online retailer, please note that those might be fake and have synthetic ingredients, incorrect formulations or even dangerous components. 

Don't risk your health to save money and buy Leanbean from outlets who might not be selling the real supplements. Leanbean has great bulk discounts on its official website and also a money-back guarantee that you will only get when you buy from there.

What are all the ingredients in Leanbean?

The natural ingredients included in Leanbean are: 

  • Glucomannan
  • Choline
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Vitamins B6
  • Vitmain B12
  • Chloride
  • Zinc
  • Green Coffee
  • Turmeric
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Acai Berry
  • Piperine

If you want to read more about the ingredients and what each of them is included in Leanbean for, go here.

Is Leanbean FDA-Approved?

 Leanbean supplements are manufactured in facilities approved by the FDA, but since it is not a drug or a medication, the product itself does not need the FDA approval. 

FDA approval is not needed for a dietary supplement, as approvals are specially reserved for drugs that contain synthetic ingredients that need to be controlled and reviewed by this entity.

Since Leanbean is a 100% natural product that doesn't have synthetic compounds or harmful ingredients that can have side effects, there is no need to worry about an FDA approval. It is good enough that Leanbean is produced in an FDA-approved facility, since they are highly regulated.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Most people report a boost in energy as soon as they started taking Leanbean, and a change in appetite and cravings within 7-10 days. However, most women see more noticeable weight loss at around the 90 day mark. 

If you want to see fast results, try combining Leanbean with a workout routine, plenty of water and a healthier diet. 

Are There Any Side Effects To Be Worried About?

Since Leanbean is a 100% natural dietary supplement, there is little to no risk of side effects or unwanted reactions. Hundreds of reviews report no issues whatsoever while taking Leanbean.

Make sure you read the ingredient list before you purchase in case you have particular allergies or sensitivities. 

Should I Take Leanbean on an Empty Stomach?

Yes, you can. Leanbean is meant to be taken an hour before a meal. This will make the ingredients absorb better and get the components that will make you feel full have time to work. As a result your meals should be smaller, because you will feel satisfied with smaller portions. 

Try not to delay a meal more than 60 minutes after taking though, as they will lose effectiveness. 

Does Leanbean Have Caffeine?

Good news to the people with caffeine sensitivities: Leanbean only contains a small amount of natural caffeine in it, which comes from the Green Coffee extract. Leanbean is purposely made with low amounts of caffeine to help women avoid sleeping irregularities or any other effects that caffeine may have. 

Reviews from users that are sensitive to caffeine report no issues with taking Leanbean.

Is Leanbean Gluten-free?

Yes, Leanbean is 100% gluten-free. It is perfect for people with celiac disease or anyone that avoids gluten.

Is Leanbean Vegan?

Yes, it is. It only includes plant-based ingredients, so it is cruelty-free, vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Can I Be On A Calorie Deficit While On Leanbean Or Will I Have No Energy?

Leanbean contains plenty of ingredients aside from the natural caffeine that provide energy to get through a work out or a whole day on a calorie deficit. Chlorides, Raspberry Ketones, Choline are some of them.

Leanbean is perfect for women that are on diets or that want to work out without feeling exhausted or fatigued, making it much easier to burn fat and lose weight. 

Is Leanbean Worth It?

Without even taking into account the ingredients, formulations or price, the multitude of reviews and testimonials about Leanbean are hard to ignore. People clearly have great things to say about it and have helped many lose weight, get toner, have more energy, and put the cravings and hunger at bay. The ingredients are premium and of excellent quality and they have scientific evidence behind them and not just marketing gimmicks. 

Leanbean is perfect for women who are serious about weight loss and also want the benefit of vitamins and minerals included in the ingredients. And it is a good one for skeptical people as well because it comes with a money-back guarantee that will get you a full refund if the results are not what you expected. So yes, it is worth it, or at the very least, is definitely worth a try. 

If you are unlucky and are allergic to one of the ingredients or have reactions, you can consider an alternative high-quality fat-burning supplements from PhenQ (you can read a full review here)

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