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September 26, 2022 in Supplements

If you are in the market searching for a suitable fat loss supplement, you are likely to run into PhenQ and PhenGold at some point. They are two of the better known brands. Fat burners are formulated to accelerate fat loss, slow down fat production, reduce appetite, boost energy and elevate your mood. That way, they can contain the numerous health risks that accompany excess body fat like diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. 

This is in addition to the less severe consequences of too much fat such as tiring quickly, reduced mobility and diminished self-confidence. Both PhenQ and PhenGold lay claim to a lot of the benefits you would expect from a fat burner. However, they are not identical in their ingredient mix and therefore do not deliver identical results. So which of these two fat burners is the best? Let’s run them through an extensive comparison to see which one you should give first consideration.

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a fat loss supplement that blends a carefully selected mix of ingredients that target specific aspects of your body’s fat in order to deliver a slimmer body.

It not only burns body fat but also decelerates fat production thus putting a lid on your weight gain. 

PhenQ suppresses food cravings, improves your mood and elevates your energy levels.

Wolfson Brands is the company behind several recognizable supplement brands so it’s perhaps not surprising to know they are the makers of PhenQ. PhenQ itself is a relatively new product but has managed to quickly garner over 190,000 customers.

Key Features
  • Burns body fat.
  • Decelerates fat production.
  • Suppresses food cravings.
  • Elevates energy and improves mood.

What is PhenGold?

A product of the supplement manufacturer Health Nutrition Limited, PhenGold is a fat burner that enhances your body’s ability to lose fat and reduce weight.

It is formulated with ingredients that help you burn extra fat, fire up metabolism, reduce food cravings, grow energy levels and elevate your mood.


All this works to speed up weight loss leading to quicker results than you would otherwise achieve through a rigorous exercise and diet program alone.

PhenGold’s ingredients have been carefully chosen, thoroughly researched and repeatedly proven to ensure speedy and balanced fat loss.

Key Features
  • Burns extra fat.
  • Reduces food cravings.
  • Fires up metabolism.
  • Grows energy levels and enhances mood.


Common Ingredients


Quantity in PhenQ pill

Quantity in PhenGold pill


100 mg

225 mg

Though PhenQ and PhenGold are both fat burners, it’s clear looking at their composition that they could not be more different. Caffeine is the only ingredient that they truly have in common. It is important to note though that PhenQ contains Capsimax powder which is a multi-ingredient component. Capsimax powder is made of, among other things, caffeine, capsicum annum, black pepper and vitamin B3, all of which are listed as separate ingredients for PhenGold. 

While each PhenQ pill contains 50 mg of Capsimax powder, it is unclear how much caffeine, capsicum annum, black pepper and vitamin B3 the PhenQ capsule has via the Capsimax ingredient. So it may be difficult to do a like-for-like amount comparison for those three otherwise shared ingredients. Still, PhenGold certainly has a higher quantity of caffeine given that there is only 50 mg of Capsimax powder in each PhenQ capule.   

Both PhenQ and PhenGold have multiple unique ingredients.

Unique Ingredients in PhenQ

  • α-Lacys Reset – A patented formula combining alpha-lipoic acid and L-cysteine, it encourages production of body heat, speeds up metabolism, suppresses appetite and accelerates weight loss.
  • Capsimax powder – A proprietary mix of capsicum annum, black pepper, caffeine and vitamin B3. It powers the body’s fat burning capability thus boosting weight loss.
  • Chromium picolinate – Naturally occuring in meat, vegetables and wholegrains, it curbs sugar and carb cravings thereby reducing body weight and managing blood sugar. 
  • Nopal cactus – Rich in fiber content therefore suppressing appetite. Also speeds up extraction of excessive fluid in the body thus getting rid of that extra weight.
  • L-Carnitine fumarate – An amino acid occuring in red meat and green vegetables, it stimulates the conversion of body fat to energy. It also minimizes the fatigue that often accompanies dieting.

Unique Ingredients in PhenGold

  • Green tea – Accelerates metabolism and boosts the body’s ability to burn fat.
  • Green coffee – Unroasted coffee beans fire up metabolism, burn excess fat and raise energy levels.
  • L-Theanine – An amino acid mainly found in black tea, green tea and certain mushrooms, it accelerates metabolism, sharpens focus and elevates mood.
  • L-Tyrosine – An amino acid that helps burn off extra fat, increases focus and improves mood.
  • Rhodiola Rosea – A herb that raises energy levels while burning off extra fat.
  • Cayenne Pepper (capsicum annum) – A moderately hot pepper that suppresses food cravings, burns away excess fat and accelerates metabolism.
  • Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) – A naturally occurring compound that boosts motivation and enhances mood.
  • Vitamins B3, B6, B12 – Vitamins that help control food cravings, raise energy levels, speed up metabolism and elevate your mood.
  • Black pepper – Improves the bioavailability of PhenGold’s ingredients.

Side Effects

Both PhenQ and PhenGold are made from all natural ingredients. Neither has any known side effects. 

That said, both products contain caffeine with PhenGold containing more than twice the amount in PhenQ. This implies people who are caffeine-sensitive may experience sleep disruption, restlessness, heart palpitations, anxiety, headaches and dizziness.

Price and Offers

Price and Offers

A PhenQ bottle has 60 pills and costs $59.99.

A PhenGold bottle with 90 capsules costs $59.99.

Even though a PhenQ bottle contains 60 capsules and a PhenGold has 90 pills, both represent a month’s supply of the product. The two therefore cost the same.


Both fat burners have price cuts on bulk orders. 

Buy two PhenQ bottles and get a third bottle free. Order three bottles and receive two extra bottles free as well as a separate product, Advana Cleanse. Every PhenQ order qualifies for ten free guides covering diet, meal plans, detox and exercise.

Buy two PhenGold bottles and receive a third bottle free. Order three bottles and you get two extra bottles free.


Shipping is free worldwide on all PhenQ and PhenGold orders.


PhenQ offers a 60-day money-back guarantee as long as you return the two empty bottles of the first two months’ dosage as well as any extra unopened bottles.

PhenGold has a 100-day money-back guarantee. You must use the product for at least 50 days to be eligible which implies an order of at least two bottles.

Pros and Cons



  • Burns body fat.
  • Decelerates fat production.
  • Suppresses food cravings.
  • Elevates energy and improves mood.
  • Manufactured in GMP compliant and FDA approved facilities.
  • No doctor’s prescription needed.


  • Fat loss is more likely to occur when PhenQ is paired with a suitable diet and exercise program.
  • Limited customer reviews.
  • Contains caffeine so some users may experience sleep disruption, restlessness, heart palpitations, anxiety, headaches and dizziness. 



  • Burns body fat.
  • Reduces food cravings.
  • Fires up metabolism.
  • Grows energy levels and enhances mood.
  • More than a thousand reviews.
  • Manufactured in FDA registered and GMP certified facilities in the US.
  • No doctor’s prescription required.


  • Fat loss is more likely to occur when PhenGold is paired with a healthy lifestyle as well as a suitable diet and exercise program.
  • Contains caffeine so sensitive users may experience sleep disruption, restlessness, heart palpitations, anxiety, shakiness, headaches and dizziness.

Final Verdict

While there is the overarching goal of fat loss, people have different reasons for opting for a fat burner supplement. There are hundreds of brands of fat loss supplement brands to choose from. No fat burner is a silver bullet that is perfect for everyone. 

That’s why for some users PhenQ will work best while others will find success with PhenGold. Still, a look at the characteristics of these two shows PhenQ is the better option.

While both at burners offer free shipping, money-back guarantees and cost the same per bottle, there are significant differences.

First, with every PhenQ order, you get ten free guides covering diet, meal plans, detox and exercise.

Second, by incorporating α-Lacys Reset formula and Capsimax powder, PhenQ opts to tap into tried-and-tested ingredients instead of creating its fat loss formulation from scratch.

Third, a PhenQ pill contains less than half the amount of caffeine found in a PhenGold capsule. This is further compounded by the fact that you need to take just two capsules of PhenQ daily compared to PhenGold’s three. Caffeine-sensitive individuals are thus far less likely to experience adverse effects with PhenQ than with PhenGold.

As with any other supplement, talk to your doctor first before you decide to use PhenQ or PhenGold. This is particularly important for individuals who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have been diagnosed with a long term disease or are on medication.

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