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September 6, 2022 in Supplements

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a pill that could magically make those extra kilos disappear? Well, that sadly doesn't exist (yet?), and whoever tells you it does, is lying. What does exist is natural pills that can help you achieve weight loss a little easier and faster, and for girls like me that are often intimidated by men's supplements, there are now options that are specifically designed for us. 

Two of the best and favourites out there are Leanbean and Powher, natural supplements that were made specifically for women and can help you lose weight by increasing your energy levels, boosting your metabolism and controlling your hunger and cravings. 

But, which one is better for weight loss? Is there a safer one or more powerful one? Or are they the same? We will cover all your questions in this article, so you can pick the one for you. 

What is Leanbean?

Leanbean is a natural supplement designed with women's needs in mind. It is made by a well respected company in the supplements industry, Ultimate Life, and it has earned a reputation for being one of the best and most powerful weight loss supplements. 

The ingredients in Leanbean are all natural, vegan friendly and include no harmful stimulants or synthetic components. They were selected specifically to help women that struggle with cravings, slow metabolism and lack or energy, providing the right blend of vitamins and minerals to help increase use of calories, boost metabolism and suppressing appetite, making you feel fuller between meals. 

Thousands of reviews and testimonies online confirm that Leanbean is a successful fat burner and that it can certainly help you achieve your weight loss goals.

To learn more about Leanbean, check out our review here.

What is Powher?

Powher is also a brands created by industry leaders: Ultimate Life. Here they have a range of supplements that include a fat burner, a pre workout and a nootropic, all designed for women to optimize physical and mental performance. The one we are looking at today is the fat burner.

They claim to have a proven formula that actually works in helping you lose weight, and they do this by providing the right ingredients with the right dosage for better efficacy. 

The blend includes natural caffeine, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals to support a healthy metabolism, reduce appetite, improve endurance and energy and assist with weight loss.

To learn more about Powher, click here.

Ingredient Comparison

As mentioned above, both supplements have a bend of natural ingredients that intend to have pretty much the same results. But they are not the same, and the main difference is in the ingredients list and formula, which make it a unique product: 

Common ingredients:

Glucomannan: Both Leanbean and Powher have the same amount of this extensively studied dietary fiber. This ingredient is popularly used for weight loss because it acts an appetite suppressant and it helps you feel fuller for longer and lowering cravings. 

Chromium: An essential nutrient that we need but don't naturally produce. The lack of Chromium can certainly slow down the weight loss, so it is important to consume the right amount. It works by reducing insulin resistance, and processing carbs, fat and sugars, which ultimately result in less sugar cravings, a problem that studies show women have more issues controlling.

Choline: It transports energy to cells that need it, which is key when exercising as it can help you obtain energy where you need it for a better performance. Studies show that Choline contributes to producing a neurotransmitter that assists with muscle control, as well as memory and mood.

Unique ingredients:


Raspberry Ketones

They help supply energy, burn fat and regulate glucose levels, which help control sugar cravings.

Vitamins B6 and B12

Vitamins B6 and B12 keep the metabolism healthy and at a normal rate, and also helps by reducing tiredness and fatigue.


Zinc fastens the digestions of micronutrients, and plays a role in breaking down carbs and fat, which is very important to keep a normal metabolic rate. 


Tumeric is used to regulate sugar levels and preventing resistance to insulin. This helps with reducing fat retention.

Green Coffee

These are the coffee beans before they go though the roasting process. Not experiencing the roasting, makes it keep many healthy components, such as powerful antioxidants, which help with blood sugar regulation.

Acai Berry

They are rich in fiber and are popularly used as appetite suppressant and to help the body process food better. 


It is an extract from black pepper. What it does is assist with the absorption of proteins, vitamins and minerals that we get from food.

Garcinia Cambogia

The extract taken from this fruit is used to reduce hunger levels and to make your body feel fuller.


Natural Caffeine

We all know this one. Caffeine helps enhance cognitive function and alertness. In other words, it makes you feel more energetic and awake. Caffeine also increases your metabolic rate. 


Magnesium is an important mineral that helps improve muscle function and performance. Extensive research confirms that Magnesium helps with energy, strength and recovery. 


Selenium is an essential mineral, which means we need it but our bodies doesn't produce it, so we need it from other sources. It is a powerful antioxidant that is important for the good functioning of the thyroid gland, which regulates the metabolism.

Pros & Cons



- Natural and vegan-friendly formula.

- Especially formulated for women with right dosage.

- No side effects to worry about.

- Great reviews online about ability to suppress appetite.


- Needs to be taken 3 times daily for right dose.

- Can only be bought from official website.



- More simple formula with less ingredients.

- Caffeine gives energy boost and thermogenic effect.

- Magnesium and Selenium can help with health benefits.


- Contains caffeine which some people can be sensitive to.

- Doesn't include the B Vitamins.

Side Effects

The main reason why people look up side effects in fat burners or supplements is because a lot of them (too many of them if you ask me) have synthetic ingredients. This is quite scary as usually the non-natural ones are the ones that come with the annoying side effects.

Powher and Leanbean are both made with 100% natural ingredients, which is hard to find, so there are not many side effects that you will need to worry about, except of course if you have some sort of allergy ir particular sensitivity to one of the ingredients. Most people don't. 

One thing to keep in mind is that Powher has caffeine, which can sometimes cause irregularities with sleeping patterns if taken too late, or for people that are more sensitive to caffeine. With Leanbean, very few people have reported side effects, but few people have said it caused them nausea when taken on empty stomach.

Price Comparison And Offers

Both supplements are premium and therefore the prices are higher than for some other fat burners. But the price tag comes with peace of mind that you are buying a safe and natural product that you will put in your body every day, not some synthetic b-s! 

Even though you can buy one bottle at a time, you are better off getting one of their bundles as the savings will be big, and you should be using the product for longer than one month. 

Leanbean has a good offer at the moment: If you buy 3 bottles, you get a 4th one for free, plus a free e-book workout guide, and free worldwide delivery. They also have a 90-day money back guarantee.

Powher has a similar offer: If you buy 3 bottles, you get a 4th one free. This one also includes a 90 day money back guarantee and free worldwide delivery.

Which One Do We Recommend?

After reading this you may have already made up your mind. All of the research made on both products and taking into account all the metrics we explained in this article, plus numerous reviews and testimonials by customers of both fat burners, our recommendation is:



The reputation of this product is very strong and the reviews and nothing but positive. It has a  transparent ingredients list and you know exactly what you're putting in your body. 

The natural ingredients, the effects on the body, its ability to reduce hunger and sugar cravings as well as boosting your metabolism and energy, paired with a clear lack of side effects, make Leanbean an easy winner for an all rounder weight loss supplement that will help you achieve your goals.

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