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September 6, 2022 in Supplements

Fat burners have taken the world by storm, with some even claiming that you can lose weight in as little as seven days. While this may be true for some, other products falsely advertise, making it hard for consumers to decide. 

Prime Shred is one of the best fat burners out there that claims you can transform your body without losing muscle or energy, allowing weight loss goals to be achieved in shorter time frames without inducing mind or body fatigue. 

But, does it really work like it claims? We have done the research to find out exactly how this product works, its benefits, risks, and everything in between, so keep reading. 

What is Prime Shred?

Prime Shred is an advanced fat burner that is formulated with high-quality ingredients that accelerates the cutting and fat loss phase without causing energy and muscle mass loss. The supplement's non-invasive approach and all-natural ingredient list ensure that users do not encounter extreme side effects or discomfort. The supplement's formula contains all natural ingredients, and it is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

In essence, the tablet cuts stubborn fat through increasing thermogenesis (transfer of energy through heat) while promoting higher energy and focus. It is a triple threat supplement that assists with the following:

  • Burning fat
  • Increasing energy
  • Keeping your muscles
Prime Shred bottle

Prime shred is the best option for those who want to exit a fat loss plateau, shred, tone, or define their body.

Prime Shred Benefits 

This supplement has the following benefits and characteristics:

Breakthrough frustrating fat-loss plateaus

A plateau can irritate anyone who follows the correct workouts and routines. This can last from eight to twelve weeks and set you back. However, Prime Shred claims to help you through this obstacle while kickstarting your body back into fat loss. This gives you the results you desire even after a flatline. 

Burn pure fat and change your body

You can lose weight and change your look through calorie burn, allowing you to shred fat to reveal lean muscle and the ripped physique you are working hard towards.

Get back into shape whenever you want

In some cases, people take supplements such as Prime Shred before a bodybuilding competition. Others would take it before a vacation. These capsules provide you with the fat-burning power you want, no matter the occasion or reason.

 Lose that last pound of fat 

The last few pounds of stubborn fat are the hardest to lose in any weight loss journey. Prime Shred promises to burn dormant fat cells to reveal lean, defined muscle.

Prime Shred can provide the above benefits due to its three-phase fat attack process and its unique blend of high-quality ingredients.

Prime Shred Ingredients 

Prime Shred has extensive research behind its effective formula. Based on this research, the makers of Prime Shred combined proven ingredients known for fat burning, improvement of mood, energy, and mental energy.

The ingredients found in Prime Shred and how they work:

  • Green Tea Extract (500mg)

    This is the largest ingredient in the supplement by weight, as each capsule serving contains 500mg of green tea extract. It is well-known for its weight loss abilities and antioxidant effects. The natural antioxidants within green tea extract accelerate fat burning by kickstarting your metabolism. There are also claims that it can increase the hormone norepinephrine, supporting weight loss.

  • L-Tyrosine (300mg)

    Each capsule contains 300mg of L-tyrosine, which improves your alertness, focus, and concentration. It is an amino acid that also stimulates neurotransmitters. The research done by Prime Shred claims that this amino acid plays an integral role in mental cognition, which is important in tough workouts.

  • L-Theanine (250mg)

    L-Theanine is a natural compound that is evident in green tea. It is an amino acid responsible for increasing metabolism and reducing the amount of fat and carbs your body takes while eating. Various studies show that it combats the negative side effects of caffeine, such as jitters and anxiety. Other studies have shown that it boosts mood, which keeps you positive during a cutting phase.

  • Rhodiola Rosea Root (250mg)

    Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen that helps you adapt to physical and mental stress. It has also shown promising results in fat burning, as it activates an enzyme that breaks down stored fat. This results in increased energy, oxygen to the muscles, and overall performance.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (225mg)

    Each serving of Prime Shred contains 225mg of caffeine which stimulates your mental and physical energy, which improves alertness and focus. It is also thermogenic that helps the body increase its fat-burning activity.

  • Cayenne Pepper (200mg) 

    Cayenne pepper is rich in a natural chemical called capsaicin, which accelerates fat burning and speeds up the metabolism facilitating thermogenesis.

  • DMAE (150mg)

    This ingredient helps to improve alertness, focus, and mind-muscle connection when working out. It is included in this supplement to increase the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is responsible for muscle contraction and cognitive performance.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (100mg)

    Green coffee bean extract has higher levels of chlorogenic acid and other ingredients, which boost metabolism, increase thermogenesis, and the release neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are linked to you feeling more awake, energized, and motivated.

  • Vitamin B complex

    Vitamin B is crucial for energy and is necessary for an active lifestyle. Each serving of Prime Shred has a beneficial dose of different vitamin B, such as 15mg of B3, 1.3mg of B6, and 24mcg of B12.

  • Bioperine

    According to the makers of the supplement, Bioperine can improve the bioavailability of all ingredients by 30%. This allows your body to absorb additional ingredients instead of eliminating them, giving you more benefits.

Pros And Cons


- It is approved and legal.

- Comprises of natural ingredients.

- Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

- Helps you stay focused on your exercise and prevents over tiredness and exhaustion.

- Helps in the removal of extra body fat and stubborn fat.


- It is not available to purchase from local stores and pharmacies.

It can only be bought from its official website.

- It works for those who are over 18 years old.

Potential Side Effects

Prime Shred is safe to use as it contains high-quality natural ingredients that are tried and tested for their purpose. Users taking the tablet for the first time might experience slight discomfort as the body gets used to the presence of these ingredients in the system.

However, these adverse symptoms do not last very long. Once their body is used to the supplement, the unsettling feeling will fade.

These side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure

Patients with previous issues such as liver problems, a weak stomach, or a new chronic disease are more inclined to experience these side effects however this does not mean that use of the tablet for these users is restricted. Side effects can be maintained using at-home remedies or low-level OTC medicines.

When and How To Take Prime Shred 

Supplement advisers recommend users take three capsules 20 minutes before breakfast. This allows the substance to be active in the body for the entire day. To stabilize and continue the fat-burning processes, Prime Shred should also be taken on both training and non-training days. 

It is beneficial to follow a healthy and balanced diet to maximize the capsules' effects. To achieve the best results from a fat burner such as Prime Shred, it is recommended that you take it according to its dosage guidelines.

Price and Offers

Prime Shred is sold at $50 per bottle, with discounts for those who buy in bulk. Unfortunately, the supplement is not available in local stores or other websites. You can only purchase it through the official website:

The pricing does include shipping of $7, however, when you order a combo of 3 bottles or 6 bottles, you are awarded with free shipping. When purchasing the combo, it is cheaper than buying it every month, allowing you to pocket the savings.

Each bottle has 90 capsules, which is a month's supply. Prime Shred is backed by a complete money-back promise within three months of purchase. If you did not experience enhanced fat burning, increased energy, focus, and other benefits claimed, you are eligible to request a refund. 


Prime Shred is the ideal choice for losing weight without forgoing muscle mass and density. The supplement also helps users achieve a toned and defined appearance in a completely non-invasive way.

In addition, the tablet enhances the metabolism, suppresses the appetite, and increases energy levels which support every facet of a weight loss or shredding plan. It also allows users to effortlessly achieve and maintain their goals.


  • Buy 2, get 1 free.
  • Buy 3, get 2 free!
  • Training & Nutrition Videos included with every purchase.
  • Free Shipping
  • Monet-back guarantee
Prime Shred bottle


How can I maximize the effects of Prime Shred?

When taking Prime Shred, you should do strength training or weight lifting to achieve the desired results. Your diet should be a protein-rich diet with no carbs or sugar.

How long does it take to see a visible result?

This solely depends on the fat percentage of your body. If you are already lean and toned, you may only need to take the supplement for a few months. Alternatively, you need to take the tablet for a longer duration if you have a considerable amount of body fat and you are fairly inactive.

Does Prime Shred enhance testosterone?

Although many fat burners contain testosterone boosters, there are no claims that Prime Shred has any. There are no official studies about that.

Can I get addicted to Prime Shred?

No, it is not addictive. If you wish to discontinue use after your desired goals are reached, you can easily do so with confidence, as you will not experience any unwanted effects.

Does Prime Shred improve your mood?

It stimulates serotonin and norepinephrine, which contribute to mood enhancement.

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