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The mission of Pharm reduction is to promote the health & dignity of individuals whos lives and communities have been impacted by pharmaceutical drugs

Samantha Harisson ‧ Founder

Hi guys, my name is Samantha and my aim is to reduce the dependence on pharmaceutical products. I would love to transition everyone to supplements that contain only natural ingredients. 

The mission of Pharm reduction is to promote the health & dignity of individuals whos lives and communities have been impacted by pharmaceutical drugs.

I want to carry out my mission by doing the following 2 points:

  1. Increasing knowledge and capacity of those impacted by pharmaceutical products
  2. Education is key in my opinion. Educating the masses about the benefits of natural alternatives is a live changer
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Nicholas Khan

April 30, 2022 in Testosterone

Andro400 is a dietary supplement specifically made to elevate naturally occurring hormones such as testosterone in the body. The unique product was created by Natural Health Concepts, a company that is known for its invention of reliable health supplements.

The product helps users achieve and restore testosterone levels which reverse the symptoms of low testosterone while facilitating muscle development and maintaining muscle mass.

Below we look at the different properties and capabilities of Andro400 to get a better understanding of the product:

What is Andro400?

Product Claims:

  • Boosts testosterone levels naturally.
  • Improves focus, stamina, and energy
  • Reduces workout induced pains/aches
  • Promotes libido and sexual performance
  • Supports fat loss and muscle building/toning

Since its release in 2004, Andro400 has facilitated several successful outcomes using a non-invasive approach to elevate testosterone. The natural testosterone booster increases t-levels without inducing serious adverse effects when used short term. Andro400 contains a single active ingredient known for its beneficial effect on testosterone health.

The unisex approved supplement increases energy levels while simultaneously promoting metabolism to accelerate fat-burning processes. It claims to specifically target stubborn abdominal fat to reveal defined muscles and a more toned physique. It also improves focus, strength, and stamina, supporting fitness initiatives. The benefits linked to the supplement's primary effects improve sexual performance as well, lowering the possibility of users developing or living with ED (erectile dysfunction)—a common symptom of low testosterone levels. 

Andro400  also helps stabilize blood pressure and sugar levels, which help users achieve fitness goals more easily. The main ingredient in the unique formula also works as a mild nutritional aid that serves as building blocks for protein, accelerated muscle development, recovery, tone, and functionality.

This also improves blood flow to different parts of the body, which holistically affects every facet of a fitness/muscle-building journey. In addition to these benefits, the product also has a unique feature that accelerates recovery from pain and aches caused by workouts. 

Top Alternatives


  • Supports thermogenesis, improving metabolism and fat loss.
  • Reduces fatigue and promotes strength/stamina
  • Promotes muscle development and recovery
  • Naturally boosts testosterone levels by up to 44%


  • Increase in strength, endurance, and stamina
  • Boosts testosterone levels by up to 28%
  • Promotes muscle mass growth
  • Enhances sex drives


  • Eliminates anxiety, stress, fatigue while promoting strength/stamina
  • Removes stubborn fat and supports muscle growth/recovery
  • Efficiently accelerates testosterone by up to 45%
  • Increases libido and energy levels  

How Does Andro400 Work?

Most of the expert findings regarding the mechanism of action (MOA)of Andro400 are based on the premise of testosterone promotion supported by Eurycoma Longifolia. The agent increases the amount of testosterone by encouraging the body to produce more of the sex hormone. Once optimal testosterone levels are reached, Eurycoma helps the body maintain and stabilize the boost to ensure that users do not experience sudden crashes. Although this is the primary active component in the supplement, there isn't any strong evidence that backs its testosteoone promotion claims.  

In our opinion, the lack of efficacy comes from the supplement's formula, which does not properly address sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG)  issues. SHBG is a protein that naturally attaches itself to testosterone. The attachment causes testosterone to become inactive, making it virtually useless in its function. Recent studies show that Eurycoma Longifolia reduces the attachment or binding by just 5%, which leaves us questioning the functionality of the rest of the steroid molecule, which remains completely inactive. The study results depicting the 5% reduction in SHBG cannot be completely trusted as it was funded by the supplement manufacturer itself, which could mean that the results are biased. 

It's clear that this mechanism of action is very vague compared to other popular T-boosters such as TestoPrime, TestoMax, or TestoGen. These products have an anabolic support complex that uses several trusted, evidence-backed t-boosting agents to naturally elevate testosterone levels by:

  • Enhancing all mental and physical processes associated with testosterone production.
  • Promoting strength and endurance, which allow higher intensity training and weight lifting.
  • Encouraging protein absorption helps the body maintain healthy fat levels, supporting testosterone health.
  • Providing vitamin and mineral supplementation which increases testosterone production
  • Complete blocking/stopping of SHBG to testosterone attachment

In addition to facilitating the above, the ingredients from TestoPrime, TestoMax, and TestoGen also provide users with additional health benefits which positively affect all facets of the body and mind.

Is Andro400 an Effective T-Booster?

The effectiveness of a T-booster is often determined by the specific blend of ingredients that are in the product's formula. Andro contains a natural selection of ingredients that have proven efficacy and safety in its purpose however, the clinical evidence behind each component in the supplement is limited and does not provide users with the reliability they require. According to reviews, the supplement has a mild effect on testosterone levels taking up to 8 weeks to produce significant results. 

This is very different from other testosterone boosters such as TestoPrime, TestoMax, and TestoGen, which use a range of trusted testosterone enhancing agents. These products naturally increase testosterone production and solidify its stance in the body. It does this by hindering the transformation of testosterone to estrogen and the attachment of SHBG to testosterone. In addition, Andro400 uses active components in low concentrations to carry out its function, while TestoPrime, Testomax, and Testogen use high volumes of effective testosterone boosting components to execute pronounced effects, which, in our opinion, provide users with more successful outcomes in shorter periods.

The Function of Each Ingredient in Andro400

Andro400 promises users an extensive list of effects that support benefits ranging from increased testo levels, energy, libidos, and strength to decreased fatigue, fat, blood pressure levels, and more. Several ingredients are typically needed to support these benefits to ensure optimum results are achieved however, Andro400 only uses 1 active ingredient to execute its function.

Below we take a detailed look at its primary source of power:

The Eurycoma Longifolia plant is used to elevate sexual abilities and libidos. It supports muscle fiber growth, improves blood flow, reduces belly fat, rectifies hormonal imbalances, regulates blood pressure/sugar levels, promotes blood circulation, and more. In addition, the natural agent also boosts testosterone levels and improves bone structure, athletic performance, and endurance. According to research, Eurycoma Longifolia cannot produce effects that support these benefits, especially when it is present in low concentrations/doses seen in the Andro400 formula. 

Low concentrations of the agent produce mild effects that do not fully support the benefits in Andro's claims, which means that users will receive subpar results, which in our opinion, can negatively affect fitness and health goals. Andro400 also promises to fight stress, chronic pain, and the accumulation of excess belly fat. However, these claims, again, are not evidence-backed. The lack of clinical evidence linked to Andro400 is very different from TestoPrime, TestoMax, and TestoGen, which have a vast amount of strong clinical studies backing its claims, effects, benefits, and ingredients.

Key T-Boosting Agents We didn't Find in Andro400?

The efficacy of a supplement is solely based on its contents—ingredients and formula. Most manufacturers put their ingredients under severe scrutiny before releasing them on the market. Although this practice is used in most supplement creation processes, we found that it was not used in Andro400. Andro's ingredient list is quite short, with most of its benefit claims being unfounded.

The product uses a single testo-boosting agent— Eurycoma Longifolia to execute its function, which in our opinion, equates to a low potency product that requires long-term use to achieve proper results. Compared to other testo-boosting supplements like TestoPrime, TestoMax, and TestoGen, Andro400 is missing key components that would support its claims and functions.

These key components include:

  • D-aspartic Acid: D-aspartic is a physiological amino acid that works directly with the pituitary gland and testes to increase and maintain optimal testosterone levels.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin accelerates testosterone production by lowering SHBG levels in the body. The decrease of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) increases the production/availability of testosterone while supporting muscle development, recovery, and maintenance. Vitamin D also regulates sex hormones, improving sexual health and moods.
  • Ginseng: This ingredient naturally increases sex hormones that accelerate testo production. It boosts strength and energy levels while promoting muscle recovery/growth. The root can also stabilize and enhance mental/physical abilities under stress.
  • Zinc: Zinc plays an integral part in the body's defense system. It aids immunity, reduces inflammation, and enhances the metabolization of carbohydrates/fatty acids. The mineral also promotes protein synthesis, which directly accelerates muscle development.

TestoPrime, TestoMax, and TestoGen all contain the components mentioned above along with other unique ingredients such as Nettle Leaf Extract, Fenugreek, and Boron which further accelerate its effects and ability to elevate testosterone levels. The synergistic blend of ingredients also brings forth other benefits and effects that can help users achieve holistic results/successful outcomes.

Our Choice of Best Andro400 Alternatives

Individuals who suffer from low testo levels require reliable supplementation that contains a  full set of beneficial ingredients and effects that can properly address the issue without negatively affecting other parts of the body or its functions. Upon investigation, we found a supplement trio that can elevate testo levels safely and efficiently while providing users with other health benefits, making them our top 3 picks.

Below is an overview of these products:


  • Supports thermogenesis, improving metabolism and fat loss.
  • Reduces fatigue and promotes strength/stamina
  • Promotes muscle development and recovery
  • Naturally boosts testosterone levels by up to 44%


  • Increase in strength, endurance, and stamina
  • Boosts testosterone levels by up to 28%
  • Promotes muscle mass growth
  • Enhances sex drives


  • Eliminates anxiety, stress, fatigue while promoting strength/stamina
  • Removes stubborn fat and supports muscle growth/recovery
  • Efficiently accelerates testosterone by up to 45%
  • Increases libido and energy levels  


Andro400's single ingredient formula is one of its most striking features, which in our opinion, does not favor the supplement in the least. An analysis of reviews shows that users and experts alike comment negatively on the supplements' lack of ingredients. The potency level of the product is quite low, and the absence of supporting ingredients means that additional benefit claims can not be fully achieved.

The product can, however, gradually raise testosterone levels or accelerate its production, but we feel like this feat would be almost impossible if the recommended daily dose of 2 capsules a day is followed. In our opinion, the formulation, ingredient choice, recommended dosage, and ingredient volume per capsule do not form an ideal testosterone booster that can produce holistic effects and rapid results.


Does Andro400 have negative side effects linked to its use?

Yes, there is a possibility of side effects. Most of the side effects are linked to sexual health and include shrunken testicles, reduced sperm production, prolonged or painful erections, breast development in men, or behavioral changes.

Is Andro FDA approved?

This product contains natural ingredients, thus, it is classified as a dietary supplement that by law does not require FDA approval or regulation.

Can Andro400 improve ED symptoms?

The primary component — Eurycoma Longifolia in Andro400, has been proven to treat ED, infertility, and other sexual issues when used at specific intervals in the right doses/concentrations.

Can I take Andro400 at any time of the day?

Yes, however, most experts suggest that the supplement be taken in the morning or before a midday/afternoon workout with a meal or shake. Late-night administration should be avoided.

How long does Andro400 take to work?

Most users who take the supplement on a rigorous schedule see gradual changes such as energy spikes in approximately 3/4 weeks.

About the author 

Nicholas Khan

I am a certified fitness instructor and I write about supplements and testosterone products. I have been in the industry for over 10 years, and during that time, I have gained a lot of experience with different types of supplements. In my blog, I will discuss which ones work best for boosting testosterone levels and improving overall health.

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