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March 7, 2022 in Testosterone

Testosterone levels from home

Testosterone plays an important role in a man's physical and mental well-being. Different stages of life need various levels of testosterone, so the levels fluctuate all the time. However, when testosterone levels drop below normal, there are negative effects that come with it. 

Considering the different roles of testosterone, a shift can cause a considerable change in their life, which is why it's important to keep an eye on its level. Testosterone decreases by 1% after reaching the age of 30; however, even young men can suffer from low levels. Testosterone at too high levels can also cause health issues. 

If you do not have the chance to go to the doctor, you can easily check testosterone levels using an at-home testosterone test.

Our Picks of At-Home Testosterone Test Kits

There are commercial at-home test kits for testosterone. These tests either require your urine, saliva, or blood. Other instructions all depend on the test itself. All tests require your collections to be mailed to a qualified lab for testing. 

After sending them, you can expect your results within some days or weeks. 

Here's are the best test kits:

1. LetsGetChecked- Best overall

LetsGetChecked offers a testing kit that requires you to prick your finger to determine the level of testosterone in the blood. When you are done with collecting the sample, you must send it to the lab with the shipping provisions.

Your report will be available online about 2 to 5 days after mailing. They have a medical team that are online at all times to help you with your questions and results.
Their testosterone test costs $69. They also have other hormone tests varying from $139 to $179.
  • The company provides nurses that will help with the results and explain your concerns.
  • The testing labs are CAP-accredited and CLIA-approved.
  • Your test results are quick, online, and private.
  • The testing and sending of samples are limited- samples shouldn't be taken or sent from Friday to Sunday.
  • You have to prick your finger.
  • Results are not very descriptive.

2. Verisana- Cost-effective

Verisana requires your saliva to test testosterone levels. When you send the sample to their lab, they will send you a thorough result report.

They offer a few tests, such as:
  • Testosterone saliva test- $49.95
  • Male hormone health test- $149.95
  • Comprehensive hormone test- $219.95
  • Once ordered, the tests are sent back to you as soon as possible.
  • Verisana gives testosterone results according to age.
  • They offer multiple tests that measure testosterone levels.
  • Unavailable in certain places.
  • No medical support to query about results.

3. Everlywell- Best medical care

These at-home test kits use your saliva to determine whether you're producing enough testosterone for your age. After collecting your sample, you send it to their labs in the given shipping, and the results will be available online within days.

Everlywell has two testing kits:
  • Testosterone test- $49
  • Men's health test- $199
  • No pain when collecting samples.
  • Results are straightforward to read.
  • The men's health test measures other hormones as well.
  • Tests are not available in some places.
  • No timeframe for results.

4. Cerascreen- Personalized advice

Cerascreen is a rapid and easy at-home testing method of checking testosterone. This test uses your saliva, so no pain is involved. You make an online profile with the company and fill out a form that helps with personalized advice with your result.

Your report takes about 3 to 5 days and will be available through the online portal. The test costs $59
  • You only have to use your saliva.
  • The tests are shipping on the same day if you ordered by 2 pm.
  • The results are sent with specialized advice.
  • The results are sent with specialized advice.
  • Test kits are relatively new, so there are not a lot of reviews.

5. ZRT Labs- Comprehensive results

ZRT Labs has multiple at-home kits that you can choose from to test testosterone levels. You can use saliva, urine, or dried blood samples to test for different hormones, including cortisol, DHEA, and more.

After you have sorted out your sample, you can send it to their lab. After some time, you will receive a detailed report with accurate measurements of the levels of each hormone in your body. The price of these tests depends on your health insurance.
  • They offer different tests with detailed reports.
  • Some insurance companies cover the cost of certain tests.
  • The test may be too expensive.
  • Some require you to prick your finger.

What is The Accuracy and Reliability of Saliva Testing?

Most men opt for saliva testing as it's easier and less painful than drawing blood. 

However, the testosterone present in saliva can be affected by their storage and how they are extracted, so it's a question of whether this technique is actually reliable. Experts have varying opinions, but a study showed that the method is reliable. 

Testosterone tests only give a result of the levels at one moment in time. A single test cannot diagnose high or low T-levels or an underlying condition.

You shouldn't rely on home testing on its own. After getting your results, you should visit your doctor for confirmation and the necessary treatment, such as testosterone replacement therapy or oral contraceptives, depending on its levels.

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