I am happy to announce that Healthier Trajectory have acquired ThisCityIsGoingOnADiet after years of pursuing similar goals. The acquisition was completed in March 2022 and is an exciting time for both teams. The team from ThisCityIsGoingOnADiet are joining the ABECSW team and all staff will remain employed. The acquisition was completed for an undisclosed fee.

What is ThisCityIsGoingOnADiet?

ThisCityIsGoingOnADiet is a business dedicated to helping city dwellers to lose weight, its no secret that millions of Americans are over wight and in need of help shedding those extra pounds,unfortunately people who live in the city sometimes have a lifestyle that makes very difficult to achieve an active lifestyle.

For that reason ThisCityIsGoingOnADiet has been organizing runs all over the city and helping people lose pounds.

Here is a snippet from their old mission:

"Our obesity effort seems to show continued success in spreading the word and opening up a community-wide dialogue about the dangers of being overweight.  We have just started our third year and have moved past the half-way point of reaching our goal of a million pounds.  Here’s the numbers as of this morning, from the website, www.ThisCityIsGoingOnADiet.com .  Over 40,000 have joined including several hundred new participants in just the last few weeks.  Our total weight loss is now 519,000 pounds.  So, those 40,000 have lost over 12 pounds apiece. That's terrific.  Let me use this time to lead you to this site if you think it can help someone in your family.  It’s www.ThisCityIsGoingOnADiet.com.  One of our many success stories in 2009 took place at the FAA center.  They had 106 employees sign up hoping to make some progress on their weight loss goals, and when they weighed in a few months later, they had lost a total of 904 pounds.  So, nearly nine pounds apiece, and just another example of an organization helping its employees deal with a difficult issue.  Battling obesity is a winnable battle and it’s an important fight to win."

What does this mean for ABECSW?

It means we are migrating all the exisiting content over to Healthier Trajectory and allowing readers to continue to find the same great guides and recommendations that exisited on the old ThisCityIsGoingOnADiet website. The team will also assist on helping Healthier Trajectory to create more and more new content that will help Americans acheive their goals.