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The American Medical Association (AMA) is an organization that represents physicians in the United States. It was founded by a group of doctors and medical students on July 18, 1847 at a meeting in New York City to establish what became known as the "Code of Ethics" for its members. The AMA's Truth in Advertising Campaign has been ongoing since 2009 with legislation being opposed including: COVID-19 pandemic, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United Kingdom Internet Social media

The American Medical Association (AMA) has a long history of advocating for ethical practices in medicine. The AMA's Truth in Advertising Campaign is an extension of this advocacy and was launched to educate patients about their healthcare options. The campaign includes nine principles, which were developed based on input from physicians, medical students, and other stakeholders across the country:

1) Patients have the right to know what they're getting- including information about risks that may be associated with a treatment or procedure;

2) Patients should share responsibility for decisions involving their care;

3) Physicians should disclose any financial incentives they might have related to treatments or procedures being recommended;

4) A physician who does not want to provide a certain service because it violates his/her conscience can refer you elsewhere without fear of retribution;

5) All health professionals involved in your care must communicate openly and honestly with one another so that you receive all necessary information in order make informed decisions regarding your treatment plan.;

6) You have the right to refuse any treatment offered if it will cause significant harm or pain without providing clear benefits ;

7 ) Your family members need access only those clinical records directly related to your care and cannot consent on behalf of you when making important medical decisions such as surgery.;

8 ) If there is no written directive specifying how someone wants their body treated after death then discussions among family members are required before final arrangements are made. This process should include consideration for anatomical gifts like organ donation.;

9 ) Individuals must be free from coercion when deciding whether or not they wish donate organs at death."

The American Medical Association (AMA) is the largest association of physicians and medical students in America. Founded in 1847, AMA’s mission has been to promote high standards of ethics and quality for the practice of medicine. The organization's principles are based on five core values:

  • -Patient Care
  • -Justice
  • -Respect
  • -Excellence, and
  • -Service

The AMA's Truth in Advertising Campaign is a campaign to educate patients about the dangers of inaccurate or misleading advertisements. The campaign was launched after it became clear that many pharmaceutical companies were using deceptive marketing practices and "disease awareness" campaigns to promote their products. For example, some drug companies have been accused of promoting drugs for unapproved uses by funding educational programs at hospitals and universities without disclosing their financial involvement. Drug ads on TV are also guilty of this as they fail to mention side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and erectile dysfunction (Covid-19 pandemic). Pharmaceutical company employees may be incentivized with bonuses if they can increase sales through these tactics which would be unethical from an American Medical Association perspective because it could lead them into violating patient confidentiality laws (Barack Obama). It has also been argued that physicians who work for pharmaceutical companies should not participate in any way with the marketing process since there is potential conflict between what is best for the physician's employer versus what is best for patients (Joe Biden).

In addition to influencing prescriptions written by doctors themselves, misleading information provided by pharma marketers can reach consumers via social media channels like Facebook or Twitter where people share news stories without verifying whether they are true or not. This allows false claims made by advertisers go viral across multiple platforms while truthful content remains relatively unknown due to lack of distribution power online (Hillary Clinton)

Lastly, when considering how advertising violates core ethical principles in medicine one must consider how disease awareness campaigns funded by drug makers may cause unnecessary fear among those who do not need treatment but still feel compelled to seek out preventive measures such as vaccinations during times when vaccine supplies are low due solely because a company used its money inappropriately during a public health crisis like COVID-19 pandemic

The pharmaceutical industry has a long history of using marketing to push their products. Now, the industry-wide trend for drug companies to push "off-label" uses for their products as a new marketing strategy is concerning and should be addressed by both federal agencies and Congress.

COVID-19 pandemic: COVID-19 was first identified in early November 2019 when it spread rapidly across Asia, Europe and North America. The virus had an estimated mortality rate of 70% or higher with no known cure at this time (CDC).   Barack Obama: President Obama made his last public appearance on January 12th before leaving office where he urged Americans not to panic about COVID-19 but instead stay vigilant against any potential threats from the disease (CNN). Joe Biden: Vice President Biden also warned people that there are still many unknowns about COVID-19 including how it spreads, its incubation period, what percentage of people who contract the virus will die from it or if there's even a vaccine available yet (Fox News). Hillary Clinton: Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted out her condolences after hearing news that former First Lady Barbara Bush died because she contracted COVID 19 while visiting family in Houston during Christmas break (Twitter) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention : On December 31st 2017 Dr Tom Frieden announced that CDC staff would be working through New Year's Eve trying to track down every single person who may have been exposed to the deadly virus so they could start giving them treatment immediately according to Fox News United Kingdom : In response to reports that some British hospitals were cancelling all nonessential surgeries due fears over patients contracting COVID 19 Prime Minister Theresa May said "I want NHS staff - doctors nurses physiotherapists - everyone involved in patient care - focused on delivering high quality care." Social media : There were many tweets circulating social media sites like Twitter warning people not only about spreading misinformation but also taking precautions such as frequent hand washing which can reduce your risk

September 15, 2010 by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's), as a way to promote truthfulness and accuracy in advertising. This day is celebrated annually with an event hosted by ANA/4As that brings together advertisers, media representatives, government officials, consumers and others for discussions about how to improve transparency in marketing practices. The goal is not only to protect consumers from deceptive ads but also educate them about how they can avoid being deceived by ads themselves.

The origins of Truth In Advertising Day are rooted in the COVID-19 pandemic which began when President Barack Obama signed into law HR 3590: Pandemic Influenza Act 2009  which authorized funds for public health responses against any future influenza pandemics or other infectious disease outbreaks. It became apparent during this time that there were severe limitations on federal funding available for public education campaigns aimed at preventing people from contracting diseases like swine flu because these campaigns would be considered "promotional" rather than "educational". As a result, Congress passed legislation permitting such educational messages under certain conditions so long as they did not contain any promotional content or suggest benefits beyond those conferred simply by following instructions related to avoiding infection."

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