Race Across USA

My Mission is to help people achieve their body goals through the passion of exercise while harnessing the power of competition. This lead me to create the Race Across USA.

- Tim Rockwell

Hi, my name is Tim and I have been inspired to start this website to share and spread my passion.

Basically, since 2015 when I became a personal trainer I believe in the power of exercise, specifically running to help people achieve their body image goals. Depending on your goals (weight loss, building muscle or just getting fitter), running can help. And what better way to motivate running than in competition form.

My plan is organize many racing events all over USA to accommodate people of all abilities and goals to be able to compete against people of similar level and motivate them to run and exercise. When people have a competition on the horizon they are more motivated and inspired to train and exercise.

My ultimate goal is to help people achieve their weight loss and body building goals.