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July 30, 2022 in SARMS

Can SARMS Damage Kidneys?

SARMs are often dubbed as the safe and natural steroid, however, experts say that the science behind their effectiveness and long-term safety is still in its infancy. 

While SARMs can help you gain muscle mass and strength, these benefits come at the risk of serious kidney damage. Ongoing studies are being done on the effect of SARMs on the kidney, with several harmful effects.

SARMs are similar to steroids as it takes the same effect on the body. The only difference is that SARMs are more selective in their function, however, constant use can overwork the kidneys, leading to kidney damage. 

Although there’s no research or evidence of this yet, user data shows that the protein leaks into urine which reduces the function of the kidney. Some even developed scarring within the kidneys called focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. 

Users have noticed that the symptoms of kidney damage eased after stopping SARMs, however, there is a possibility of long-term damage

The level of creatinine is used to test healthy kidney function, so kidney dysfunction is hard to pick up in a user who is using SARMs since they have increased muscle mass. 

Another reason why SARMs can cause decreased kidney function is because some products do not contain what’s stated on the label. A study showed that 50% of SARMs that were purchased contained untested drugs. These drugs may also be the suspect in kidney damage and other side effects.

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