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July 29, 2022 in SARMS

Do SARMS increase cholesterol?

SARMs are double-edged swords. While they provide beneficial effects on the muscle and bone, they also have negative effects. 

SARMs lower good cholesterol (HDL) and increase bad cholesterol (LDL). HDL helps our body get rid of excess cholesterol through the liver so it doesn’t end up in the arteries. On the other hand, LDL takes cholesterol straight to the arteries, where it collects and causes heart problems.

To date, no long-term studies have been done on the effects of SARMs on cholesterol. As such, the dose-response relationship between LDL and SARMs is not properly understood.

A study at the Boston University showed that LGD-4033 was safe and tolerable in individuals and produced muscle and strength without increasing the risk of prostate cancer. However, the supplements caused a drop in HDL and an increase in LDL. 

SARMs can increase bad cholesterol in older people, so they have a higher risk of developing heart disease if they’re on these supplements. While your cholesterol levels may return to normal after your SARMs cycle, it may cause irreversible heart damage. 

Consult your doctor for more information about SARMs and their effect on cholesterol.

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