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July 29, 2022 in Supplements

If you are at the bulking phase of your workout routine and need to gain strength and muscle mass quickly then you may have seen people recommending SARMs such as the YK-11. But you’ve probably also read there are risks associated with SARMs. If you’re looking for  a more suitable and legal alternative to the YK-11 Myostatin inhibitor, then try YKBulk from Brutal Force. Here is an in-depth review of the supplement YKBulk that will help you to understand the product better before consuming it for achieving your muscle-building goal.

What is YKBulk?

YKBulk is a powerful and effective substitute for the synthetic steroidal androgen receptor YK11 Myostatin Inhibitor. The manufacturer of the product claims that its use can help in enhancing growth and power during muscle-building transformation.

It is manufactured in the United States and is developed under GMP-certified and FDA-approved facilities.

The product provides high-quality muscle gains with supercharged workouts and quick recovery time. Due to the presence of natural and harmless ingredients, YKBulk has no adverse effects on the user.

Who makes the product?

YKBulk is manufactured by Brutal Force, a UK-based bodybuilding brand known to develop several alternatives to popular bodybuilding drugs. Including various SARMs alternatives, the manufacturer also produces a collection of legal steroid alternatives.

How much does it cost?

Visit the official website of Brutal Force to purchase one bottle of YKBulk containing 90 capsules for $59.99 with free shipping worldwide. Moreover, if you purchase two bottles for $119.98 you get the third one for free along with a free bulking and cutting video course.  

Get YKBulk: Best for Muscle Growth

  • Increased strength
  • Rapid muscle growth
  • Fast-acting formula

What are the benefits of YKBulk?

Unlike synthetic injectable steroid YK 11 which comes with potential side effects, YKBulk unlocks the true potential of the body for the ultimate transformation that you desire. To ensure prolonged workout sessions while avoiding fatigue and gaining strength, many people find they need the help of a supplement, and we think YKBulk is among the best. Next we’ll cover some of the specific benefits of YKBulk, and what the scientific research says about its ingredients.

  • Increased muscle growth and strength gains

Legal steroid alternatives like YKBulk are an excellent addition to protein powdered supplements for muscle development and strength gains. Consuming the recommended dose regularly would help in improving strength and energy levels. The presence of natural ingredients will enhance the absorption of the nutrients while working out. This would help in enhancing muscle mass while improving overall performance through increased strength gains.

research study reveals that the presence of natural ingredients in the form of fruit extract, stem and tuber powder, and root powder are known to enhance strength gains through faster recovery and increase muscle gain.

Puncture Vine is a fruit-producing plant that has been used for years to aid in bodybuilding and improves athletic performance. The presence of Bulbine Natalensis increases testosterone and other hormone levels for increasing muscle mass. Also, Longjack is a root powder that is used for enhanced recovery and increased muscle strength.

  • Enhanced performance

YKBulk replicates the action of YK11 Myostatin, thereby enabling you to enhance your stamina and performance levels. This helps in improving workout efficiency by decreasing discomfort and fatigue in the muscles and ensuring faster recuperation. By enhancing the blood circulation level, these natural ingredients get better circulated throughout the body, thereby reducing the recovery time while elevating the gym sessions.

This enhanced performance level is mainly due to the possible combination of Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Longjack (Root) Powder. The presence of Acetyl-L-Carnitine provides the body with additional L-carnitine that is known to be a building block of muscle. Some research studies show this helps in fat burning while enhancing physical performance. Besides, it also acts as a testosterone booster that is used for supporting fat loss while increasing muscle mass by resisting age-related muscle loss. 

The roots of Longjack are known to contain chemicals that help in increasing testosterone levels. A study reveals that the presence of this ingredient in YKBulk helps in boosting athletic performance through enhanced recovery and increased strength.

  • Fast-acting formula

YKBulk consists of mainly natural ingredients which if consumed regularly alongside a disciplined workout can help in muscle and strength gains at a rapid pace. The fast-acting formula of the product plays a major role in the transformation process.

Research studies show the presence of Puncture Vine (Fruit) extract helps dramatically boost stamina and muscle growth by modifying cholesterol levels and controlling serotonin levels. The inherent anabolic properties help in improving bodybuilding performance. Alongside that, the presence of MuiraPuama (bark) powder helps in performing strenuous tasks that require stamina and the secretion of testosterone helps in the development of lean muscular mass. 

The use of these ingredients also helps in improving cognitive focus and clarity which enables a high concentration level during workouts. Its capacity to promote a healthy nervous system along with fatigue alleviation works as a fast-acting formula for body transformation.


Unlike many bodybuilding products that have no scientific credentials and no research available on humans, YKBulk acts as an excellent alternative. Choosing YKBulk is a safer option with a customer satisfaction of 98% and has been rated 5 stars by more than 1000 users. So, if you are looking to experience that true strength and muscular capacity without experiencing any major adverse effects on your body, YKBulk is the product you should try out.

Get YKBulk: Best for Muscle Growth

  • Increased strength
  • Rapid muscle growth
  • Fast-acting formula


Does YKBulk have any side effects?

YKBulk is made using 100% natural ingredients which means that the supplement that you will consume is made from naturally available stuff. This eliminates the risk of consuming any harmful substance. Also, this Brutal Force product goes through severe quality checks and is inspected for the efficiency and hygiene of the product before being released in the market for human consumption.

Is YKBulk legal?

Since YKBulk is made from all-natural ingredients it is totally legal to use. Also, the product is not a scam as it is one of the best supplements developed by Brutal Force, a popular brand name in the bodybuilding community. Besides, the product has been labeled as an effective natural solution for bulking by more than 1,000 users. This ensures that YKBulk is absolutely legal to purchase and use.

Is YKBulk suitable for me?

YKBulk is suitable for every human being who is above the age of 18 years. Stemming from this, if you want big and lean muscles within a short time and without any potential adverse effects on the body, you should try this product. But make sure to follow a proper workout routine and take the recommended dosage of the product for the best results.

How to increase efficiency with YKBulk?

It is not necessary to do anything extra to get the most out of this product. Just make sure to follow a proper physical workout routine along with a balanced diet. For your diet, consume a lot of proteins in the form of red meats, fish, and oysters along with low-fat milk and other protein supplements. For your workout routine try some weight resistance workouts like squats, bench presses, and push-ups.

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