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Losing weight can be a challenge, especially around the holidays. Not everyone realizes, but our bodies are actually designed to convert more sugars into body fat during the cold months. And we all know there’s more sugar around during the holidays, which also happens to be when it’s the most cold.

Add on to the weather and sugar the fact that most of us are under a fair amount of stress, and it’s no wonder many of us find ourselves wanting to lose weight, and keep it off. Unfortunately, for a lot of us diet and exercise aren’t quite enough. Which means we need some help. That’s where diet and weight loss supplements come in. 

We looked at five supplements with researched ingredients that can help women lose weight and, even better, even lose fat. And they can help keep it off, too. Each of the five offers specific benefits, and no woman’s body is exactly like another’s. Which means you should read all five reviews to find out which one might meet your fitness goals best. At the end we’ll have a quick note about what to look for in weight loss pills and a FAQ section.

Best Diet Pills for Women


Phen Q

Best Overall



Best for Appetite Suppression



Best for Mood Balancing



Best Reviews



Best Once-a-Day

PhenQ: Best Unique Ingredient

As we researched diet and weight loss supplements, we read about a proprietary compound called α-Lacys Reset®. This Lacys Reset is a combination of alpha lipoic acids and cysteine. Both of these are amino acids, and we’ll talk about them in a moment.

For now, just know that α-Lacys Reset works, and the only supplement on our list that has it is PhenQ.

What makes Lacys Reset so powerful is that each of the amino acids that make it up are already potent components for total body health. Alpha lipoic acids are absolutely necessary for aerobic metabolism of calories. That means that without it, you won’t burn the proper calories during an aerobic workout.

The second component, cysteine, is necessary for protein synthesis in our bodies. When researchers put these together into a single compound, they noticed an increase in cell oxidation, which means that each cell during activity has access to more oxygen from the blood. And more oxygen means a faster burning metabolism. 

The results of α-Lacys Reset are so dramatic that they’ve been clinically studied and shown to be real and effective. Not only do people lose weight, but it’s actually body fat they lost.

PhenQ combines their use of α-Lacys Reset with other researched thermogenics (ingredients that fire up your metabolism). Capsicum and chromium have both been studied to increase cellular metabolism of sugars, and the caffeine will give you a jolt of energy. Meanwhile the nopal cactus gives you a healthy fiber that can help you feel more full, meaning you’re less likely to reach for snacks when you’re on the go.

A full review of PhenQ is available here.


  • Unique α-Lacys Reset.
  • Includes caffeine and fiber.
  • Clinically studied results.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.


  • PhenQ recommends you try it for up to two months to see best results.
  • Consult a doctor if you have a sensitive heart condition.

If you’ve shopped around for diet pills in the past, and you’re looking for something truly unique this time around, we recommend PhenQ with its distinctive α-Lacys Reset. The best deal on PhenQ’s website is to purchase three bottles, which will also get you two free bottles, and a free gift, all for $189.95.

Leanbean: Best for Appetite Suppression

We can all probably admit that there are times we reach for a snack when, strictly speaking, we didn’t need to. But we still do it. Part of that is brain chemistry, but a large part of it is the fault of the modern diet.

For rebalancing the diet and giving us a fiber boost to control our appetite, we recommend Leanbean.

Modern eating habits have really put our bodies and our health at a disadvantage. When we were hunters and gatherers, we ate a lot more fiber and had to work harder for our food. And we don’t just mean we had to work harder to get the food. We mean our bodies had to work harder on the insides to extract nutrients.

Early in our evolution, when we ate off of the land, we consumed fruits and vegetables whose nutrients are locked away in cellulose and insoluble fiber. So when we ingested the food, our digestive tracts had to expend more calories and effort to pull the calories and vitamins out of our food.

Modern foods, however, have been so heavily processed that the nutrients and calories are available with almost no work at all from our bodies. When we eat a potato chip or a cracker, the carbohydrates and sugars enter our blood streams starting in our mouths, if you can believe that. Meanwhile, if we eat rustic bread or a baked potato, it takes our body longer to extract the carbs and calories.

Leanbean helps us rebalance the equation. After all, we can’t exactly go back to living off of the land. But we can help our digestive tracts out by taking in better sources of fiber. Leanbean has identified the konjac root and uses its fiber, glucomannan, as the primary ingredient in their product, and it can help us feel more full and for longer.

By taking Leanbean just before meals, we can eat less of what’s on our plate, and we’ll feel full sooner. We’ll still get all the calories we need, we just won’t fill up on sugars to get there. Altogether, Leanbean is a great weight loss supplement.


  • Glucomannan for appetite suppression.
  • Choline for metabolism support
  • Vitamin B Complexes.
  • Designed specifically for women.


  • Doesn’t have the level of thermogenics we saw in other products.
  • Didn’t have the mood boosters we saw in other supplements.

Leanbean also has choline, an ingredient so important for proper metabolism that it’s present in breastmilk. With the inclusion of glucomannan and choline, Leanbean has put together the best appetite suppressant on our list. They have a 90 day money back guarantee, and their best deal is to buy bottles on their website, which also gets you a free fourth bottle, a free workout plan, and free worldwide delivery, all for $189.97.

PrimeShred: Best for Mood Balancing

Reaching our goals often starts with being honest about where we are right now. It can also mean staying honest with ourselves during the journey to our best selves. And being honest, we should talk about how our moods can change when we’re starting to diet and exercise.

One product we saw take that into account, and provide good ingredients to deal with it, was PrimeShred.

We need to get something said in this review: eating sugar makes us feel good. There’s brain chemistry involved, and evolutionary biology to take into account, and we could get into all that. But the bottom line brings us back to what we all already know, and what we prove every time we eat a cookie or a piece of chocolate or have a soda.

Given that bit of not-news, it should come as no surprise that if we take sugar out of our diet, we might start to feel a little down. Or a lot down. Combine the crash of a long-term reduction in sugar intake with the stress and exhaustion of a new or harder workout routine, and our moods could be in serious trouble.

Thankfully the makers of PrimeShred have tackled this issue headon. They’ve identified three key compounds that can help us not only fight mental fatigue by keeping us focused, but they can also help us with our hormone levels during stress and diet cycles. 

The first two compounds are amino acids, L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine. Both of them help with focus, but Theanine can also help us with good hormone secretions. The third ingredient in this category is DMAE, or Dimethylethanolamine. DMAE is so effective for mood, focus, and drive, that many people take it as a brain supplement (nootropic) all by itself.

By including Theanine, Tyrosine, and DMAE, PrimeShred helps us keep an eye on something some of us lose sight of. They round out their formula with an herbal extract, Rhodiola Rosea Root, that can help us burn body fat, green tea, and green coffee extracts. Along with their other ingredients, we found PrimeShred was the Best for Mood Balancing among our weight loss pills.

A full review of PrimeShred is available here.


  • Three ingredients for mood and focus.
  • Rhodiola rosea root for fat-burning.
  • Two types of green caffeine (tea and coffee).
  • Improved drive.


  • Caffeine Anhydrous may have side effects for some women.
  • Should not be used if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Helping us with our mood balance might have gotten PrimeShred on the list all by itself, but it also has effective and researched fat burning ingredients, too. That’s what got it one of our Best votes. The best deal on their website is if you buy three bottles you get two for free, all for $149.99.

PhenGold: Best Reviews

Word of mouth should not be ignored. Some of the best things in the world relied on word of mouth to get started, and sometimes nothing beats seeing a picture and hearing a story to drive home how effective a product can be.

We found some of the best statistics for customer satisfaction for PhenGold, and so we gave it our nod as Best Reviewed.

Before we get into the customer numbers, we’ll take a brief look at PhenGold’s ingredients and the quality of them. PhenGold has nine ingredients that all come with their own benefits, but they work in tandem to greater effect than any one ingredient by itself.

For actual thermogenic, metabolism boosting, PhenGold has cayenne pepper, green coffee, green tea, and pure caffeine extract. All four of these ingredients have a researched history of use in dieting, appetite regulation, fat burning, and better focus and drive. Also, recent studies into the catechins found in green tea have promising leads into its unique ability to help the body burn fat.

PhenGold also has some of the same mood and focus boosters that we saw in other products, and even has the herbal extract Rhodiola Rosea, which can help the body actually burn fat during workouts and even during down time.

Finally, PhenGold rounds out their formula with the proven vitamins B3, B6, and B12. All three of these are so effective for energy and drive that they’ve become common ingredients in energy drinks.

Now for what really brought PhenGold to our attention. PhenGold has a staggering 98% customer satisfaction rate. We don’t find many products or services of any kind with that kind of review rate, let alone in the notorious diet pill word. In addition to that, PhenGold boasts a 5 star rating based on over 1,000 reviews, and 9 out of 10 of their customers would recommend them to a friend.

Beside their word of mouth credentials, PhenGold feels so confident about the science behind their product that they link you right to the studies behind each and every ingredient. When you visit their website, just scroll to the bottom to learn all you could want, and more, about the studies backing up PhenGold.

A full review of PhenGold is available here.


  • Best Reviews we saw.
  • Nutritionist reviewed.
  • Links to actual studies.
  • Industry-leading 100 day money back guarantee.


  • No truly unique ingredients.
  • No fiber to assist with appetite.

If testimonials and old fashioned success stories matter to you, you might not be able to do any better than PhenGold. And that’s why we called them our Best Reviewed weight loss pill for women. The absolute biggest savings on their website are to buy three months, which will get you an extra two months free, for $224.99.

Trimtone: Best Once-A-Day

Many of the reviews we’ve done so far recommend a dose of several pills, several times a day. What’s good news is that they’re all good products. What might be bad news is if you have trouble remembering how many of what pills to take at what times of day.

We recommend Trimtone for a caffeinated, one-pill-a-day weight loss supplement.

Like all the products we reviewed, the best part about Trimtone is that it works. In fact, no supplement could make this list if it didn’t. But also like the products on the list, Trimtone offers something that the others didn’t. In this case, it’s two things. Not only does Trimtone come in a concentrated formula that only needs one pill a day, but they also have an ingredient we didn’t see on any other list.

By adding in good caffeine, fiber, and their secret ingredient grains of paradise, Trimtone is able to deliver a punch in one tiny pill. A pill that you only need to take once a day, before breakfast. You don’t have to worry about taking before every meal, or a certain amount of time before workouts, or even different amounts at different times based on diet or workout schedule. One pill and done.

Now onto that secret weapon: Grains of Paradise. We didn’t see anyone else on our list include this in their formulas, even though there’s good science behind it. Like we talked about in our introduction, the body’s chemistry and biological functions change with the seasons and temperatures. In the Winter, or any time we experience extreme cold, our bodies use a type of fat called brown adipose tissue. The other side of that coin is that when it’s cold outside, our bodies may tend to convert more sugars into this brown adipose tissue (BAT).

Sort of like how our modern diet puts us at a disadvantage for losing weight, so too does our modern lifestyle. It’s cold outside, so our bodies store more BAT. But because we’re actually plenty warm for most of our day sitting indoors, we don’t burn any of that extra BAT.

Some studies have shown, though, that Grains of Paradise can help fire up our body’s internal triggers to burn up BAT. That’s not only good news in the Winter, but all year round, as this can help us burn a type of body fat that exercise and dieting alone generally won’t even touch.

A full review of Trimtone is available here.


  • Grains of Paradise for BAT metabolism.
  • Three types of caffeine boost energy and focus.
  • One-pill-a-day formula.
  • Ingredients that keep working 24/7.


  • Inclusion of caffeine anhydrous may not be suitable for all women.
  • Non-vegan (gelatine capsules).

For an easy to remember and easy to implement weight loss pill, we recommend Trimtone. It has a once-per-day formula and a special ingredient to help with BAT body fat. It’s also a great bargain, available on their website for a three month supply, plus two free months, for only $149.99.


Finding a good supplement can seem as hard as losing the weight itself. And losing weight is a monster task that our genetics and modern foods can work hard to keep us from completing. That’s why we did the work on reviewing five of the best weight loss pills for women on the market. If you still have questions about what to look for, check out our information segment below and the FAQs that follow.

Editor's Choice: PhenQ




What Should I Look For in a Diet Pill?

Reading through reviews and ingredient lists and testimonials can be pretty exhausting. It might wear you out before you even have time to hit the gym. So we put together a quick list of things to look for in any diet pill. The ingredients might vary, but the underlying things to look for don’t change.

A Money Back Guarantee—every product we reviewed had some form of money back guarantee. In this day and age, if a company has confidence in their product, they’ll offer some form of refund policy.

Links to Studies or Research—we know it makes some paragraphs look like a college paper, but it’s important. When you’re reading the website for a diet pill, make sure they’re pointing you to some actual studies or research to back up their claims.

Common Ingredients—the reason so many products have so many ingredients in common is pretty simple: they work. Your best diet pills will check at least two of the following boxes: some form of fiber; some form of caffeine or other energy booster; vitamins; amino acid chains.

Unique Ingredients—it might sound like we’re arguing with the recommendation above, but the two work together to form good advice. Just like every cookie will likely have flour and sugar, so should every diet pill have some of the same ingredients. But just like a great cookie, a great diet pill will bring you something you’ve not had before.


Are Diet Pills Safe?

Yes, all the products we recommended are safe. That being said, always check with your doctor if you’re on other medications, breastfeeding, or pregnant.

Are Diet Pills Legal?

Again, yes, all the products we reviewed are completely legal.

Do I Need A Prescription?

No, you don’t need a prescription for any of the supplements we reviewed.

How Many Bottles Should I Buy?

We only listed the best overall savings from each product, but you can buy one, two, or three month supplies based on our goals.

Can I Take Other Supplements With A Diet Pills?

Absolutely. In fact, many people take diet pills along with nootropics, protein supplements, or their favorite vitamin supplement.

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