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Excess body fat is accompanied by a myriad of moderate and serious health risks. It is associated with high levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and low levels of good cholesterol (HDL). High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, fatty liver, osteoarthritis and depression are at the apex of a long list of serious problems that may result. That is apart from the more moderate repercussions such as fatigue and low self-confidence.

While the need to shed excess fat is clear, the journey to fat loss using the tried-and-tested techniques of exercise and diet can be a long and arduous one. Enter fat burners. They speed up weight loss by getting rid of body fat quicker. Fat burners however come in many brands and it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

Instant Knockout is almost certainly going to be on your shortlist. We take a look at this fat loss supplement and cover the most important information you need to know to determine if it's right for you.

About Instant Knockout

Made by health supplement manufacturer Roar Ambition Ltd, Instant Knockout (also known as Instant Knockout Cut) is a fat loss supplement made from natural sourced ingredients. Originally developed for professional athletes, it is today available for persons across the fitness spectrum. 

It gives a boost to the hard work you put in at the gym and progressively gets you to that body you aspire to. With Instant Knockout, the goal is not just to shed weight but reveal sculpted arms, legs, pecs and abs.


Shred Fat and Lose Weight

Instant Knockout is after all a fat burner so perhaps this sounds a lot like stating the obvious. Yet, it is an important point given that a lot of fat burners surprisingly fall far short of this core goal. Instant Knockout’s ingredients covered later in this review have fat burning and weight loss power. How fast you get rid of the unwanted fat varies from person to person. Some users see results in a matter of weeks while others have to wait for a month or more.

Speeds Up Metabolism

Metabolism is the process through which the body converts the food you eat into the energy the cellular processes need for growth, repair and action. The higher your metabolism, the quicker your food is converted into energy and the greater the chances of the body tapping into stored fat to address the apparent energy shortfall. By speeding up metabolism, Instant Knockout effectively forces your body to burn fat because your caloric intake appears inadequate.Appetite Suppression

Unhealthy eating can render futile all the hours you put in at the gym. Cravings and hunger can slow down fat burning and accelerate fat storage thereby increasing body weight. The fewer calories you ingest per day, the more the fat your body will burn to cover the deficit. By suppressing appetite, Instant Knockout removes a major impediment to your weight loss goal.

Energy Boost

Virtually all of us understand the need to regularly work out. That does not make working out pleasant. Often, you will feel exhausted during and after a session. This can over time diminish your morale for training. Instant Knockout contains stimulants like caffeine that help keep your energy levels elevated even in the midst of intense cardio or weight training sessions. And you still feel great after the workout.

Appetite Suppression

Unhealthy eating can render futile all the hours you put in at the gym. Cravings and hunger can slow down fat burning and accelerate fat storage thereby increasing body weight. The fewer calories you ingest per day, the more the fat your body will burn to cover the deficit. By suppressing appetite, Instant Knockout removes a major impediment to your weight loss goal.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

  • Vitamin D3Research has found that individuals who took this vitamin lost fat and preserved more muscle mass. Vitamin D3 has thermogenic properties that help fire up your body’s shredding potential. It is also essential for testosterone production in men, immunity, bone strength and cardiovascular health.
  • Vitamin B6 – It is at the center of dozens of body metabolism processes and contributes directly to fat burning and fat oxidation. It also helps the body absorb amino acids which is essential to building muscle.
  • Vitamin B12 – Studies show this natural stimulant ensures a natural boost to energy levels, motivates you for your next workout and minimizes fatigue during exercise. It converts food into usable energy, facilitates the breakdown of fatty acids, improves starch digestion and optimizes protein synthesis.
  • Caffeine – Caffeine anhydrous, a dehydrated form of caffeine, is a natural stimulant that inhibits adenosine receptors, boosts energy levels and minimizes fatigue. Caffeine also decreases fat mass as well as overall body weight. It helps with concentration and focus as well.
  • Green Tea Extract – It’s a component of many weight loss supplements so perhaps not surprising that it makes an appearance here. Data from nearly a dozen clinical studies has shown that the bioactive polyphenols known as catechins that are found in green tea, increase fat burning by 16 percent.
  • Cayenne PepperIn one study, Capsaicin, the primary active compound found in Cayenne pepper seeds, was found to counter obesity by reducing body weight and lowering appetite.
  • Black Pepper ExtractStudies show black pepper boosts thermogenesis, increases metabolism, aids in digestion and even blocks the formation of new fat cells. It activates the fat burning receptors TRPA1 and TRPVs that suppress fat storage. 
  • Glucomannan –  A naturally occurring fiber, this expands and fills your stomach ensuring you feel full and thus eat less. Its complex beta D-mannose and beta D-glucose long-chain carbohydrate structure means it takes longer to digest thus making you less susceptible to hunger for longer.
  • L-Theanine – This vital amino acid not only promotes weight loss but also provides a myriad of other benefits such as improved concentration, prevention of certain forms of cancer, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and the enhanced performance of the immune system. Caffeine can cause late day energy slumps so combining it with the calming power of L-Theanine closes these gaps.
  • Pros And Cons


  • Uses natural ingredients.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Made in FDA and cGMP-approved facilities.
  • Order is dispatched on the same day where possible.
  • Free delivery in the US and UK when you order at least two bottles.

  • CONS

  • You can only purchase Instant Knockout from the official website
  • Pricier than many other fat burners in the market.
  • Contains caffeine so may cause insomnia.

  • Potential Side Effects

    Instant Knockout has no known side effects. However, since it contains stimulants like caffeine, it could disrupt sleep if taken too close to your bedtime. As a precaution, consult your doctor before you take this fat burner if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have an underlying medical condition or are taking prescription medication.

    When and How to Take

    Take a single capsule of Instant Knockout four times a day. It's best to take the supplement with a glass of water and before a major meal as this increases the rate of absorption of its ingredients thus improving its overall effectiveness. 

    Pricing and Special Offers

    A single bottle of Instant Knockout goes for $59. Each bottle has 120 capsules. You get a fourth bottle free if you order 3 bottles for a total order cost of $185. For any order, you get an extra 10 percent off the regular price if you subscribe to Instant Knockout Cut.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews of Instant Knockout are overwhelmingly positive. Several customers who had tried other fat burners before were impressed by the weight loss results experienced with this weight loss supplement. Some of the observations around the use of the supplement include appetite suppression that reduced snacking and greater energy levels driving the attainment of new fitness limits. 

    A constant thread through the reviews is that realizing the desired results is more likely when use of the supplement is complemented by an appropriate exercise and proper diet. This is actually not unique to Instant Knockout but all fat burners as well. Fat burners are primarily meant to be a catalyst that leads to a greater impact on weight loss by your diet and fitness actions.

    Instant Knockout is recommended by Greg Jackson, an MMA coach with more than 25 years’ experience who has trained a number of MMA world champions.

    Final Thoughts – Is Instant Knockout Worth It?

    Professional athletes often have to rapidly slash their weight in time for a fight, race or sports event. While the average person may not be familiar with such pressure, they too will often find themselves pressed to shed fat quickly for health, aesthetic or other reasons. Instant Knockout was crafted with rapid fat loss in mind and ought to be one of the supplements you consider if your goal is quick weight loss.


    • Buy 3, get 1 free!
    • Great prices on subscriptions.
    • Free US & UK delivery when you buy 2 or more bottles
    • Secure payments available


    Is Instant Knockout safe?

    Trusted by elite professionals for years, Instant Knockout has tried and tested ingredients that are natural and safe. It is manufactured in the US and UK in FDA and GMP-compliant facilities.

    Who is Instant Knockout meant for?

    Instant Knockout was originally designed for professional athletes especially those engaged in combat sports hence the name ‘Knockout’. Its success led to adoption by the wider athlete fraternity. And that was eventually followed by the non-athlete population. So it works for all as long as one is 18 years or older.

    Does Instant Knockout contain stimulants?

    Instant Knockout does have stimulants albeit natural ones. It is therefore not recommended that you take it with other stimulant products.

    Will Instant Knockout keep me awake at night?

    Instant Knockout should not keep you up at night if you take your last dose of the day at least five hours before you retire to bed.

    Can I use Instant Knockout with other supplements?

    You can use Instant Knockout with other supplements. Nevertheless, since it contains stimulants, you should avoid taking it with supplements that contain stimulants as well.

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