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July 29, 2022 in SARMS

Do SARMs Cause High Blood Pressure?

The answer is yes, SARMs can potentially cause high blood pressure (hypertension). Here’s how:

  • SARMs can affect blood pressure by affecting blood lipids. They can cause a decrease in HDL, which is our good cholesterol. This is due to a lack of estrogen in the body. A lack of HDL causes a high level of bad cholesterol, which leads to a risk of high blood pressure, apart from heart disease.
  • SARMs can inhibit or slow down the production of testosterone in the body. This can increase water retention, which forces your heart to work harder, increasing blood pressure. This also spells bad news for your kidneys. The SARM: RAD-140, is known for water retention and high blood pressure.

At low doses, SARMs are safe and have less side effects than most steroids, however, if you take a high dose of SARMs, you will experience significant side effects, such as high blood pressure. 

Experts recommend that those who take SARMs consider taking fish oil supplements and incorporate other food rich in good fats into their diet. This will maintain your HDL levels, which will keep your blood pressure in check. 

It would help if you also went for regular checks to ensure that your blood pressure remains at a healthy level.

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