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September 26, 2022 in Supplements

Fat burners are part of a multibillion-dollar slimming supplement industry. These diet aids are either tailored specifically for men, women or contain standard fat-burning ingredients that are suitable for both sexes.

The reason that all fat burners are not the same is that men's and women’s needs are different. Men need to burn fat but increase muscle mass at the same time, whilst with women, it is all about suppressing appetite and consuming less food and calories, whilst the fat burners get to work.

Furthermore, men and women store fat differently, and in specific parts of their bodies. Men store fat around the abdomen, whilst women store theirs around the hips and thighs.

Male-specific fat-burning formulas tend to focus on muscle building, along with fat burning. This is not ideal for women, because it is more about body toning for females rather than lean muscle mass building.

For women, dieting and fat-burning aims are about gaining a figure that they can be confident in. Therefore, a typical fat-burning formula for women will contain compounds that burn fat, including stored fat, and some of the ingredients will even prevent the storing of new fat reserves from foods that are eaten.

Fat burners work by increasing the metabolic rate of our bodies and this, in turn, burns calories. But which ones are the best for women?

Best Fat Burners for Women


Phen Q

Best Overall



Best for Reduced Appetite



Best for Fatigue



Best for More Energy



Best Pre-Workout

1. PhenQ

PhenQ has built a firm reputation as one of the best fat burners, since its recent release on the market. It contains several well-researched active ingredients. As a fat burner, it works slightly differently from others because the emphasis is on appetite suppression, energy-boosting, as well as fat burning. It helps decrease food intake without wiping out the body’s energy supply, this helps users of PhenQ see out their days as well as any exercising regimes that are part of the daily routine.

PhenQ mostly consists of a blend of vitamins, minerals, and plants. Along with fat burning, PhenQ also helps shift stored fat and prevents fat from reforming. This holistic approach to fat burning includes ingredients that elevate the mood as well.

The a-Lacys Reset formula, which is a blend of alpha-lipoic acid, cysteine, and magnesium., is thought to have the ability to burn 7.24% of body fat and increase muscle mass as well. This is what makes PhenQ stand out from other fat burners.

Active ingredients include capsicum, black pepper, caffeine, vitamin B3 (niacin), chromium picolinate, nopal, L-carnitine fumarate, and calcium carbonate and magnesium. The latter is especially important for women because magnesium is vital to bone health. It increases bone density and reduces the risk of fractures and the possible development of osteoporosis later in life.

Nopal which is a prickly pear extract helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels as well as boost energy levels throughout the day.

If you want to try PhenQ then the good news is that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can try 1 bottle for $69.95, 2 bottles for $139.90 with an extra bottle thrown in for free. Or 3 bottles for $189.95 with 2 free bottles and some Avana Cleanse.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Enhances mood
  • Burns stored fat and prevents new fat deposits


  • Contains caffeine which is a stimulant that can cause insomnia
  • Limited availability online
  • Not suitable for pregnant women

PhenQ Customer Reviews

The reviews are mostly positive from women who have used PhenQ and results have been noticed with the 60-day money-back guarantee period. An extra plus in the reviews is that PhenQ is made from plants and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

2. Leanbean

Leanbean is a specially formulated fat burner for women. Leanbean contains ingredients that prepare the body to start and continue the fat-burning process. Again, women get the best results when this fat burner is taken alongside healthy eating plans and regular exercise.

Leanbean has the major benefit of reducing hunger and cravings for the wrong types of foods. It also boosts energy, so there is no need to grab a chocolate bar or other sugar-loaded snacks to help you get through the day.

One of the active ingredients in Leanbean is glucomannan, which is made from the root of the konjac plant. This plant is popular in Japan and is used in Japanese cookery as a thickener and gelling agent. Glucomannan works as a diet aid because it absorbs water in the digestive system, causing it to expand in the stomach and intestines. This helps keep us feeling fuller for longer and decreases food intake.

Furthermore, this feeling is not uncomfortable and is not accompanied by bloating or gas. It is advisable though to drink plenty of water when using glucomannan-containing supplements.

Other active ingredients in Leanbean include chromium picolinate, choline, and vitamin B12 which help prevent anemia. This is of special importance for women as heavy periods can lead to bouts of anemia from time to time.

Vitamin B6 helps to maintain energy levels, whilst zinc, green coffee, turmeric, acai berry, and the tropical fruit Garcinia Cambogia, all contain health-boosting properties.

Buying Leanbean online gives you the option to purchase a 4-month supply that costs $189.97 and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Or you can buy a 2-month supply for $119.98. If you want to try Leanbean for a month, to see if it meets all your needs, before you commit to a bundle, then a 4-week supply costs $59.99.


  • Developed for women
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Contains B12


  • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • You must drink lots of water when taking supplements containing glucomannan.

Leanbean Customer Reviews

Women are generally satisfied with the performance of Leanbean when used regularly. The fact that it is low on stimulant-containing substances, means that side effects such as insomnia are avoided.

3. PhenGold

PhenGold is a fat burner that contains naturally sourced ingredients. It is a blend of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are designed not only to burn fat but to boost general health as well.

Like other fat burners, the primary ingredients target our metabolic rate. A sluggish metabolism can lead to weight gain and extra fat storage. A healthy metabolic rate aids in continuous fat and calorie burning. This in turn helps us maintain our ideal weight.

PhenGold has become a firm favorite with women because it fights fatigue that we all can suffer during hectic days. This can be exacerbated if you are on a strict low-calorie and low-carb diet.

Green tea has often been linked with weight loss. However, research suggests that it also improves blood flow through the body. Green tea is also thought to lower cholesterol as well. Even high blood pressure is thought to respond to it.

More research is needed when it comes to green tea and weight loss though, but green tea extract does have many other health-boosting qualities and its inclusion in the PhenGold formula is most welcome.

Green coffee is present because of its chlorogenic acid content and caffeine. Chlorogenic acid helps reduce the amount of fat the body absorbs and even though caffeine is a stimulant, it does help boost metabolism and keep fatigue at bay.

PhenGold is one of the few fat burners to include the plant extract Rhodiola Rosea. Yet this plant that grows in the wild has fatigue-fighting and performance-enhancing properties.

L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine are mood and metabolism enhancers. Whilst cayenne pepper extract, which contains capsaicin is a staple ingredient of any fat burning formula, because of its effect on metabolism.

However, what makes this product appealing to women is the inclusion of vitamin B12, vitamin B3, and B6. These help boost energy levels, fight anemia, and speed up metabolism.

PhenGold also contains Dimethylaminoethanol which is also known as DMAE. Its inclusion in this formula is for its moods boosting properties, but it also scores highly with women because of its skin-toning and anti-wrinkle effects.

PhenGold comes with a money-back guarantee with bulk purchases available. 1 month supply costs $74.99, 2 months with an extra month thrown in for free costs $149.99. If you fancy buying 3 months’ worth of PhenGold, then you will also get 2 bottles free all for $224.99.


  • Contains naturally occurring ingredients
  • Boosts mood and energy levels
  • Aids fat burning
  • Speeds up metabolism


  • Contains caffeine
  • Online exclusive only

PhenGold Customer Reviews

PhenGold has left many satisfied female customers in its wake, who appreciate the visible changes in their bodies after taking this product as part of a diet and fitness regime. The inclusion of vitamin B12 and DMAE are also welcomed by many customers because vitamin B12 fights anemia and DMAE has skin toning properties.

4. Trimtone

Trimtone is a new fat burner for women that combines 100% natural ingredients into a formula that creates superior body fat burning. The main goal of the Trimtone formula is to enhance any dieting and exercising programs of users as well.

The main selling points of Trimtone include the fact that it is an all-natural product with few side effects. Its main attributes are that it not only burns fat but also physically reduces appetite.

Unlike many other fat burners on the market, Trimtone is a one-a-day formula which means that it is convenient to take, even during the most hectic of days. All that is needed is 1 capsule before breakfast to be taken with water.

The formula includes caffeine which increases thermogenesis and helps fight tiredness. Green coffee is present because of its chlorogenic acid content. According to the makers of Trimtone, 400mg of green coffee extract over 8 weeks can help individuals lose twice as much weight as those taking a placebo. Green tea is also included in Trmtone as well because of its health-promoting properties.

The secret ingredient in Trimtone is Grains of paradise which is described as an herb from the ginger family. This helps to constantly warm the body producing the perfect environment for fat and calorie burning to begin.

Glucomannan is also included in this formula because of its appetite-suppressing qualities. The difference here is that the dosage is low and small enough to avoid bloating or other side effects that can occur with this natural fiber.

At present, you can buy 1 month supply of Trimtone for $49.99, with a shipping cost of $4.95 added. A 2-month supply costs $99.99, and here you get an extra bottle free of charge with no shipping costs. If you want a 3-month supply, then it is yours for $149.99 and you can expect free shipping, plus 2 extra bottles free of charge with your order.


  • Convenient 1 a day formula before breakfast
  • Aids dieting and workouts by continually burning fat
  • Results are seen within a few weeks


  • Shipping fee on 1 bottle buys
  • Contains caffeine

Trimtone Customer Reviews

The convenience of having to take just 1 capsule with water before breakfast in the morning is a real winner with the women who choose Trimtone as their fat burner of choice. It also has helped many female customers get through grueling exercise regimes without tiring.

5. Powher

Powher is a no-nonsense supplement aimed at active women who like to keep fit and toned. It strips ingredients down to the bone and omits any sensational claims about the product.

It comes in 3 formulas and the first is the pre-workout formula that contains enxtra which is a caffeine amplifier made from Alpinia Galanga, a plant from the ginger family. It is thought that this can help extend the effects of caffeine for an extra 5 hours.

With a caffeine amplifier as one of the ingredients, it should come as no surprise to discover that caffeine is also included in the pre-workout formula. The caffeine source here is from the green coffee bean. The other ingredients are pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and vitamin B6.

The second formula Powher Cut for Women is mainly a fitness booster, cravings reducer, and fat metabolizer. It contains the familiar ingredients of caffeine, choline, and chromium picolinate. It also contains magnesium and selenium in small quantities.

What makes Powher a unique fat-burning supplement is the third formula which is a multivitamin formula tailored to women. It includes B vitamins, vitamin A, C, D3, and E amongst others.

The pre-workout formula can be purchased as 1 bottle for $35, 2 at $69.99, and 3 bottles plus 1 free for $99. Powher Cut costs $45 for 1 bottle, $90 for 2 bottles, and $135 for 3 bottles, plus 1 free. Finally, the multivitamin costs $29.99 for 1 bottle, or you can have 1 or 3 bottles delivered regularly at a reduced price.


  • Unique formula specially tailored for women
  • Includes a multivitamin
  • Helps boost energy


  • 3 different formulas to take
  • Expensive in the long run

Powher Customer Reviews

Most women who use Powher fat burners and supplements are happy with the fact that they are tailored to women’s nutritional needs.

Do Fat Burners Really Work?

Fat burners have come under much scrutiny of late, which means that many of the claims and ingredients are now being tested in labs. Despite a lack of clinical evidence, many individuals get positive results from their fat-burning supplements.


Fat burners whilst formulated with natural ingredients can sometimes have minor unwanted side effects mostly because of their caffeine content. Otherwise, they are mostly made up of safe natural ingredients that can help boost our health.

To get the most out of these supplements, they should be taken as part of an exercise and dieting regime. Women should opt for specially formulated female-friendly brands, as these do not focus on building muscle, instead, they target the areas of the female body where fat is most likely to be stored.

Editor's Choice: PhenQ




Frequently Asked Questions

When is it best to take fat burners?

Fat burners should be taken as directed on the bottle to be most effective

Will caffeine keep me awake?

It is best to take caffeine-containing supplements during the day otherwise caffeine can keep you up at night.

Are the ingredients in fat burners safe?

Most fat burners consist of natural ingredients in very safe and well-tolerated doses.

Q4 Can I take Fat Burners Without Exercising or Dieting?

Fat burners should only be taken as part of a diet and exercise program otherwise you will not gain any benefits.

Is it cheaper to Bulk Buy Fat Burners?

In the long run, it is, but bulk buying should only be done if you are serious about dieting and exercising.

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