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September 6, 2022 in Supplements

As anyone who has been on that journey knows, fat loss is an exercise in dogged determination and painstaking persistence. Yet, such sacrifice is often not enough. At some point, fat in certain parts of the body may appear almost impervious to further diet and exercise. Progress is frustratingly slow. A failure to see results as soon as you expect them does not augur well for your morale. Understandably, many people fall by the wayside.

Fortunately, fat burners can help speed up the process. Actually, fat burners have been a central component of weight loss and workout programs for years now. They are not a monolith though. There are not only different brands but fat burning supplements are also of different types. Fat burners that accelerate the body’s natural fat burning process are widely considered the most effective since they ride on natural physiological mechanisms. Known as thermogenic fat burners, they stimulate the body’s metabolic processes responsible for breaking down fat. They derive their name from thermogenesis, which is the scientific name for heat generation. They differ from other types of fat burners that may rely on artificial chemical reactions to speed up fat loss.

Some of the best known naturally-occurring thermogenic fat burners include caffeine, capsaicin, garcinia cambogia, bitter orange and green tea. While some thermogenic supplements contain a single ingredient, most are formulated from multiple natural compounds. We looked at the thermogenic fat burner landscape and evaluated the different brands along several key factors. The result is the following list of the best five thermogenic supplements in the market.



- Best for blocking fat production

- Targets multiple aspects of weight loss

- Nearly 200,000 customers

#1st Rated


- Best for women

- Strong appetite suppressant

- Prevents deficiencies

#2nd Rated


- Best for active people and athletes

- Provides energy boost

- Rapid results

#3rd Rated


- Best for belly and waist fat

- Tackles stubborn fat

- Contains matcha green tea (three times more effective than other green teas)

#4th Rated


- Best for general far loss

- Best seller on Amazon

- Tens of thousands of reviews

#5th Rated

A product of Wolfson Brands, PhenQ is a thermogenic fat burner that combines multiple ingredients with the aim of addressing different elements of weight loss. The goal is to draw you closer to the ideal, balanced figure you are looking for. One of the more recent entrants in the industry, PhenQ has nearly 200,000 customers so far.

PhenQ not only accelerates fat burning but blocks fat production and suppresses your appetite. It enhances your mood and reinvigorates your energy levels. Ingredients include L-cysteine, alpha-lipoic acid, cayenne pepper, black pepper, caffeine, nopal, L-carnitine and chromium picolinate.

You can find a full PhenQ review here.


- Burns fat effectively 

- Blocks fat production

- Suppresses appetite

- Elevates mood and raises energy levels

- Made in FDA approved and GMP compliant facilities


- Contains caffeine which may cause disruption to sleep patterns, restlessness, anxiety or headaches.

- You have to combine PhenQ with an appropriate exercise and diet program for best results

Customer Reviews

As a relatively recent entrant into the fat burner space, PhenQ doesn’t have as many reviews as some of its more established competitors. There is nevertheless a significant enough volume of customer feedback to gauge overarching market sentiment.

Most users of PhenQ have largely positive views of the product with a number indicating they found it worked where supplements they previously used didn’t. The benefits they reported include dropping dozens of pounds in months, shrinking belly fat, smaller waist, losing baby weight, improved body shape, and a slimmer firmer physique.

Manufactured by Ultimate Life, Leanbean is a thermogenic fat burner formulated for women. It ignites your metabolism, breaks down body fat, reduces your food cravings, sharpens your focus and raise your energy levels during workouts. All this is designed to help you get to your desired body weight and shape faster. But Leanbean doesn’t stop at weight loss. It protects you from deficiencies too.

Its cornerstone ingredient is arguably glucomannan, that soluble fiber that has been tried and tested as an appetite suppressant. Leanbean is made from nearly a dozen other ingredients including garcinia cambogia, green coffee, black pepper, turmeric, acia berry, zinc, choline, chloride, chromium picolinate as well as vitamins B6 and B12.

You can find a full Leanbean review here.


- Increases metabolism and breaks down excess body fat

- Suppresses food cravings yet shields you from deficiencies

- Improves focus and lifts energy levels

- Manufactured in an FDA/BRC-registered and GMP compliant facility

- Has low levels of stimulants such as caffeine, is gluten free and vegan friendly


- Formulated for women. May not deliver desired results in men who use it

- Relatively pricey

- You have to combine Leanbean with a proper exercise and diet program for optimal results

Customer reviews

Most of Leanbean’s customers report having a positive experience. Among changes noticed include suppressed food cravings, reduced bloating, high energy levels, better moods and less lightheadedness. Some however cited experiencing some mild stimulant-caused side effects despite the low levels of caffeine in Leanbean.

For a select few users, results were evident within the first 10 days. This is however the exception. Most customers have to wait for weeks or months before they see a significant change in their weight and form.

Manufactured by Roar Ambition, Instant Knockout (also referred to as Instant Knockout Cut) is a thermogenic fat burner originally blended for professional athletes. While it is now available for the wider public irrespective of where they fall in the fitness spectrum, the supplement has stuck to its commitment to high impact fat loss that made it so popular with sportspersons.

If your reason for using a fat loss supplement is not just to get rid of excess weight but to also reveal sculpted legs, arms, abs and pecs, Instant Knockout may be your best bet. It speeds up metabolism to accelerate the burning of body fat and speed up weight loss. Ingredients include glucomannan, caffeine, green tea, cayenne pepper, black pepper, L-theanine as well as vitamins D3, B6 and B12.

You can find a full Instant Knockout review here.


- Accelerates natural metabolism and blocks formation of new fat cells

- Shreds body fat and quickly cuts excess weight

- Suppresses food cravings

- Lifts energy levels, minimizes post-workout fatigue and improves concentration

- Manufactured in cGMP compliant and FDA approved facilities


- Relatively expensive

- You have to combine Instant Knockout with an appropriate diet and exercise program for optimal results

- Contains caffeine which may cause sleep disruption, heart palpitations, restlessness, anxiety, dizziness and headaches

Customer reviews

Greg Jackson, an MMA coach with over 25 years’ experience and who has trained several MMA world champions, recommends Instant Knockout. That’s an impressive boost to the product’s profile. But you don’t have to just take his word for it. Majority of Instant Knockout customers have largely positive feedback which would appear to corroborate Greg’s view.

Some mention having used other fat burners in the past and seeing no change but were awed by the result when they switched to Instant Knockout. Other benefits customers mention include suppressed appetite, reduced snacking and higher energy levels.

4. Hunter Burn - Best for Belly and Waist Fat 

Hunter Burn is a fat burner containing a carefully chosen blend of thermogenic ingredients to increase your metabolism and quickly blast through belly and waist fat. Made by renowned supplement maker Roar Ambition, it also reduces calorie intake and prevents weight gain. Hunter Burn contains natural energy boosters that enhance your motivation and endurance as well. The end result is not just a slimmer waist and a shrinking belly but a leaner, muscular frame overall.

Hunter Burn contains matcha green tea which delivers a metabolism punch that is as much as three times more powerful than more common types of green tea. It contains kojan root too which is one of a select number of appetite suppressants that have earned FDA approval. Other ingredients include white kidney bean, cayenne pepper, vitamin D and L-theanine.


- Speed up your metabolism to burn through belly and waist fat quicker

- Uses matcha green which is as much as three times as powerful as other green teas

- Suppresses appetite thus preventing weight gain

- Boosts your energy levels

- Manufactured in cGMP compliant and FDA approved facilities in the UK and US


- Primarily formulated for men so unclear if it will deliver desired results for women who choose to use it

- Relatively expensive

- Recommended dosage is six capsules per day which is well above the dosage of other fat loss supplements. This may be a challenge for persons who have difficulty swallowing pills

Customer reviews

Customers report multiple benefits after using Hunter Burn including fat shredding, weight loss, leaner muscular physique, diminished food cravings, higher energy levels and increased motivation. One user mentioned experiencing a reduction in the joint pain they suffered from before they shed the excess weight through Hunter Burn.

Burn XT is a thermogenic fat burner manufactured by Jacked Factory. One of the most popular fat burners in use today, it has been a best-selling weight loss supplement on Amazon for several years. With millions of customers and thousands of reviews, Burn XT even has a clinical study that supports its efficacy.

Formulated using well-known fat burning natural ingredients including cayenne pepper, Burn XT promises to accelerate and amplify the fat shedding power of your exercise and diet regimen. Other active ingredients include green tea, caffeine, black pepper and acetyl l-carnitine HCI.


- Boosts metabolism and speeds up fat loss

- Suppresses appetite

- Tried by millions of customers and has tens of thousands of reviews

- Manufactured in cGMP compliant facilities

- Attractive pricing compared to fat loss supplements in same class


- Causes significant side effects in some including nausea, excessive sweating and chills

- Contains caffeine which may lead to sleep disruption, heart palpitations, restlessness, anxiety, dizziness and headaches

- You must combine Burn XT with a proper diet and exercise program to realize expected results

Customer reviews

Few supplements come close to Burn XT in terms of the sheer number of customers and customer reviews. As one would expect with a product with such a large market share, there will be both positive and negative reviews. The overwhelming majority of past customers have largely good things to say about the Burn XT. They report rapid weight loss, falling appetite, shrinking waist size, increased energy and improved focus.

On the other hand, customers who have been dissatisfied with the product mention experiencing nausea, discomfort, dizziness, anxiety, lightheadedness, excessive sweating, chills, stomach pain, chest pain, dry eyes, reduced concentration, increased dependency (i.e. headaches if they miss a dose) and no weight loss at all.


Fat loss is a long and difficult journey. It becomes harder with age as the body’s metabolism embarks on a natural decline. This is perhaps one of the reasons a beer belly is a key feature of the dad bod. Excessive body fat is neither inevitable nor permanent though. Thermogenic fat burners are one of the more effective ways to burn through body fat. They accelerate metabolism, suppress appetite and raise energy levels.

But while they can speed up how fast you get to your desired weight, they are not a magic pill. All manufacturers advise that fat burning supplements must be paired with a proper exercise and diet program.

Speak to your doctor to ensure you are in the right state of health to use thermogenic fat burners. Ascertain that you do not have a history of being allergic or intolerant to any ingredient. Always check the ingredients of the supplement before you buy and use it. All credible supplement makers have this information readily available on their official website. Caffeine for example is a popular ingredient in fat burners but could affect sleep, digestion and mood.

Every thermogenic fat burner comes with a manufacturer-recommended dosage in addition to directions on when and how to take the pills. You can only be certain that it works if you stick to the right dosage.

Beware of fakes. As incomes rise across the globe and with the proliferation of unhealthy fast food, fat loss is quickly becoming a vital goal for an ever expanding segment of the world’s population. That has naturally given rise to a robust market for counterfeit fat burners.

Since they are simply a means of illegally making a quick buck, counterfeit fat burners do not adhere to the same standards and ingredients as the original. They could therefore be ineffective at best and life-threatening at worst. Always get your fat burner supply from the official website.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do thermogenic fat burners work?

Authentic thermogenic fat burners such as the five we’ve reviewed here do work. That being said, they are not magic pills. First, how effective a fat burner is will depend on the kind of exercise and diet regimen it is paired with. Second, do not expect dramatic results. More often than not, you should give thermogenic fat burners at least a month before you see visible outcomes.

Are thermogenic fat burners safe for me?

Most thermogenic fat burners are made from natural ingredients only. This, at least in theory, makes them safe for nearly anyone looking to lose fat faster. It’s why you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy the pills. Nevertheless, talk to your doctor before you get onto any thermogenic fat burner. Find out if there are risks in the context of your current state of health. This is especially important if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a long term illness or are taking any long term medication.

How long after taking thermogenic fat burners will I see results?

How quickly you see results will depend on multiple factors including your body’s unique internal composition, the nature of the diet and exercise program you combine the fat burner with, the ingredients in the fat burner and how consistent you are with taking it. Certain benefits such as energy boosts and better moods will occur within hours and days of taking the first pill. The impact on weight loss however takes longer. Noticeable changes require anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Are there side effects from taking thermogenic fat burners?

Most people will not experience any side effects when they take thermogenic fat burners. Majority of fat loss supplements are made from natural ingredients. Nevertheless, there may be unpleasant side effects with some of the more common complaints including constipation, abdominal pain, nausea, headache and a slight rise in blood pressure.

Do thermogenic fat burners contain stimulants?

Thermogenic fat burners that contain significant quantities of stimulants such as caffeine may trigger insomnia, heart palpitations, restlessness, anxiety, dizziness and headaches. So always check the ingredients before determining if a particular thermogenic fat loss supplement is the right one for you.

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