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September 6, 2022 in Supplements

The path to cutting weight has been an open secret for generations: proper exercise and the right diet. But as with all such seemingly straightforward solutions, the reality is a little more complex and nuanced. Losing weight is hard work and it can take months of consistent exercise and diet to eventually get to that dream weight and physique you long for.

Having to wait that long before seeing results will naturally see many people fall by the wayside after a few days or weeks. Diet pills can give you that extra leg up you require to reach your diet goals quicker. As a multi-billion-dollar industry, there are thousands of diet pills to choose from. We take a look at five of the best diet pills in the market today and explain why they stand out from the competition.


- Effectively multiple weight loss supplements in a single pill.

- More than 190,000 customers so far

#1st Rated

- Built for women

- Protects you from deficiencies

#2nd Rated

Prime Shred bottle

- Ultra-fast fat burn and weight loss

- Enhances upbeat mood

#3rd Rated

- Burns fat as you sleep

- Suppresses food cravings

#4th Rated

- Built for women

- Few ingredients

#5th Rated

1. PhenQ

Unlike many other diet supplements that address only one aspect of your weight loss, PhenQ is a fat burner that combines diverse ingredients in order to target multiple elements of your body fat and bring you closer to the slimmer figure you want. A relatively recent entrant in the fat loss supplement space, PhenQ has already chalked up more than 190,000 customers.

Made by Wolfson Brands, this fat loss pill doesn’t just accelerate fat burning but also suppresses appetite. It boosts your energy levels and enhances your mood too. PhenQ is effectively multiple weight loss supplements in a single pill. By using multiple ingredients to drive multiple simultaneous results, PhenQ aims to make weight loss a simple, straightfoward and cost-effctive process.

PhenQ’s ingredients include α-Lacys Reset formula, Capsimax Powder, chromium picolinate, caffeine, nopal and L-carnitine fumarate.

One bottle of PhenQ goes for $69.95. Each bottle contains 60 pills. You get discounts on bulk purchases. So if you buy two bottles, you get an extra bottle free for a total of $139.90 thus saving about $70 if you were to buy one bottle at a time. Buy three bottles and you get two bottles free as well as Advana Cleanse for a total of $189.95 therefore saving about $150.

There’s free shipping worldwide on all orders. PhenQ comes with a 60-day money back guarantee on each purchase. Ten free guides are provided with each order. The guides cover nutrition, diet, workout, detox, meal plans and log book.


- Burns body fat

- Suppresses appetite

- Boosts energy levels and lifts your mood

- Production in FDA and GMP approved facilities in the US and UK

- PhenQ does not contain phentermine, the prescription-only weight loss and appetite suppressant drug. No prescription needed


- Contains caffeine which could disrupt sleep patterns

- Pricey especially if you order just one bottle

- You have to combine your use of PhenQ with a proper diet and exercise program to get optimal results

Customer reviews

Most people who have tried PhenQ offer raving reviews. From losing dozens of pounds in three months and getting rid of love handles, to dropping dress sizes and finding success where other fat burners didn’t work. An important point many made was the need to pair the supplement with a proper diet and exercise regimen.

To find out more about Phenq and its benefits, click here.

Leanbean is a diet pill for women. It helps reduce food cravings, fires up your metabolism, burns body fat andmakes you that much more focused and energized during exercise so you can get into shape quicker. Made by Ultimate Life, it relies on a carefully chosen set of natural ingredients to not just accelerate your weight loss but also protect you from deficiencies.

While it is made from about a dozen natural ingredients, Its cornerstone ingredient is Glucomannan, the soluble fiber long proven to be a powerful tool against food cravings. Leanbean has low quantities of caffeine and other stimulants.

A bottle of Leanbean costs $59.99. Each bottle contains 180 capsules. If you order three bottles of Leanbean for $189.97, you get a fourth bottle free. There’s free shipping to the US and UK when you order two bottles of Leanbean and free shipping worldwide for orders of three or more bottles.


- Reduces food cravings yet protects you from deficiencies

- Increases metabolism and burns body fat

- Improves focus and raises energy levels

- Manufactured in a GMP-compliant and FDA/BRC-registered facility

- A vegan friendly and gluten-free product.


- Relatively expensive

- Formulated for women so may not work as effectively in men who want to take it

- You have to combine your use of Leanbean with a proper diet and exercise program to get optimal


Customer reviews

Customers who have bought Leanbean mostly have positive feedback of the product. Among benefits that users have reported include suppressed appetite, a rise in energy levels, better mood, no light headedness, reduced bloating, no stimulant jitters. For some, results were evident in as little as 10 days but often one had to wait for a month or two to see substantial shifts in their weight and a change in their physique.

To find out more about Leanbean and its benefits, click here.

Made by supplement experts Health Nutrition, PrimeShred is a fat burner that is built to deliver rapid weight loss and fat burning. By bringing together multiple tried and tested ingredients, this weight loss supplement is formulated to not just drive fat loss and reveal lean muscle but also boost mental focus, mood and energy. The mood enhancing capability is especially important given that intense calorie cutting often comes with negative motion and falling enthusiasm.

Prime Shred bottle

A bottle of PrimeShred costs $49.99 which is $10 off the regular retail price. Each bottle contains 90 pills. Buy two bottles of PrimeShred for $99.99 and you get a third bottle free.  Order three bottles for $149.99 and you get two additional bottles free. There’s free shipping for orders of two bottles or more. All orders are covered by a 100-day money back guarantee


- Rapidly burns body fat

- Boosts mood, energy and mental focus

- Manufactured in a GMP-compliant and FDA-approved facility

- Vegan and vegetarian friendly. Also, gluten, soy and GMO free


- Contains caffeine which may cause sleep disruption and elevated heart rate Few reviews

- You have to combine your use of PrimeShred with a proper diet and exercise program to get optimal


Customer reviews

Compared to other diet pills, there are not that many customer reviews of PrimeShred. This is not necessarily a bad thing and could simply be an indication of it being a somewhat newer arrival in the marketplace. Customers that have shared feedback on PrimeShred mostly reported a drop in weight, an increase in lean muscle and a lifting of mood.

To find out more about Prime Shred and its benefits, click here.

4. Phen24

Phen24 is a fat loss supplement that claims to be the first formulated to boost fat burning even when you are asleep. It suppresses your food cravings even when you are asleep. The rationale here is that during the day, your body has higher metabolism and therefore steadily burns away body fat. When you are asleep however, that metabolism slows down considerably as the body shuts down for sleep. By decreasing night time levels of the hormone cortisol, Phen24 reduces your cravings and heightens a feeling of calmness so your ‘night mode’ does not erode the fat loss of the daytime.

A box of Phen24 costs $74.99 which the manufacturer claims is $10 off the normal price. Each box of Phen24 contains two different bottles. One for daytime metabolism containing 30 capsules and the other for night time metabolism with 60 capsules. Order two boxes of Phen24 for $149.99 and you get a third box free. Buy three boxes for $224.99 and you receive two extra boxes free.

All orders are eligible for free shipping and are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee.


- Elevates the body’s night time metabolism rate

- Suppresses food cravings

- Natural ingredients

- Vegan and vegetarian friendly


- One of the most expensive fat loss supplements

- You have to combine your use of Phen24 with a proper diet and exercise program to get optimal results

Customer reviews

Customers have mostly positive reviews of the Phen24. Some who have tried other products in the past claim that Phen24 was the first one that truly delivered on their fat loss goal. Others noted the energy it gave them during the day and throughout their workout. One user mentioned how Phen24 had made it easier to wake up in the morning and that it had improved her alertness throughout the day.

A fat burner formulated with women in mind, Trimtone is manufactured by established supplement maker Health Nutrition Limited. It banks on natural ingredients to accelerate the pace of weight loss by burning body fat, boosting your metabolism, reducing food cravings and raising energy levels. Many diet pills are made from a dozen ingredients often in an attempt to create a magical all-in-one supplement. but Trimtone uses just five, probably a means of ensuring the pill remains focused on the one thing it is meant to do: speed up weight loss.

One bottle of Trimtone goes for $49.99 which the manufacturer says is a discount on the regular retail price of $59.95. Each bottle contains 30 capsules. When you order two bottles for $99.99, you get the third bottle free. Order three bottles for $149.99 and you receive two more bottles free.

If you are dissatisfied with the results, email the manufacturer within 100 days of receipt of your order and you will get a refund excluding shipping and administrative charges. The guarantee applies to orders of at least a month’s supply of Trimtone.

When you buy at least two bottles of Trimtone, you do not pay for shipping.


- Boosts metabolism, burns body fat and raises energy levels

- Reduces food cravings

- Uses few ingredients thus less prone to unpredictable outcomes

- One capsule a day hence a time saver unlike many supplements that require you take them multiple times each day

- Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility


- Relatively pricey

- Trimtone capsule is made using gelatin which makes it unsuitable for vegans or vegetarians

- Heavy reliance on stimulants

- You have to combine your use of Trimtone with a proper diet and exercise program to get optimal


- Formulated for women so may not work as effectively in men

Customer reviews

Customer reviews of Trimtone are mostly positive. Some users found Trimtone a welcome departure from the over-caffeinated and jittery feeling they experienced with other weight loss supplements. Most customers reported experiencing faster weight loss, an energy boost and reduced appetite.

To find out more about Trimtone and its benefits, click here.


Losing weight can be a long, lonely and arduous journey. It becomes harder as we grow older and have to grapple with sluggish metabolism, stubborn fat and food cravings. Diet pills can help burn body fat, accelerate metabolism, lower food cravings and increase energy levels.

Diet pills are not a monolith though. How effective they are will vary from one pill brand to the next. This review covers the five of the best diet pills and looks at the strengths and drawbacks of each. Armed with this information, you can now determine the one more likely to work for you.

Overall, always make sure you check the supplement’s list of ingredients just to be certain that you are not allergic or intolerant to any. As is evident from the review of these five diet pills, fat loss products often contain caffeine and thermogenic aids. Therefore, if you know that any of these ingredients are likely to affect your sleep, mood, digestion and more, search for a more suitable product.

Each supplement comes with a recommended dosage as well as guidelines on how and when to take the pills. Take care to apply the right dosage each day and preferably at the same time. Where directed, take your diet supplements with food and plenty of water.

Given how hot the diet supplement market is, there is a robust market for counterfeit products. To avoid buying a pill that does not meet the same standards of safety and effectiveness as the original, always buy your supplements from the source as much as possible.

In most cases, this will mean buying from the product’s official website. In fact, many diet pills are only available through their official website. So if you run into the supplement on ecommerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon, there is no guarantee that what you are buying is the real deal.

Remember, diet supplements are not meant to be a sole solution for weight reduction and fat loss. They should never be used as a substitute for regular exercise and a healthy diet.



  • Great discounts when buying in bulk
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Free worldwide delivery 
  • Thousands of customers globally

Frequently Asked Questions

Do diet pills work?

Authentic diet pills like the ones we’ve covered here do exist. However, the results of diet pills are often not that dramatic. The changes are usually more gradual though actual results will depend on the exercise and regimen you pair the supplement with.

What are the benefits of using diet pills?

Other than their core role of helping you slash your weight and get rid of excess body fat, diet pills offer other benefits including clarity of mind, increased energy, positive mood, vitality, youthfulness, stamina, endurance, well-defined physique and leaner muscle.

Are diet pills safe for me?

Diet pills are typically made from natural ingredients that are safe for anyone looking to reduce their body weight. That’s one of the reasons why you don’t need a doctor’s prescription in order to buy. That said, before you get onto any diet pill, talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks in the context of the state of your own health. In particular, pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as persons dealing with a long term illness or on long term medication should avoid diet pills unless they have the consent of their doctor.

How long after taking diet pills will I see results

The speed of results will vary from person to person and from pill brand to pill brand. That said, you can expect to see tangible results from anywhere between a couple of weeks to several months.THow fast you see results will largely depend on the exercise and regimen you pair the diet supplement with.

Are there side effects from taking diet pills?

The diet pills covered here do not of themselves have any known side effects. That said, no two people’s bodies are exactly the same so the very likelihood of experiencing side effects will vary by person and by diet pill. You may experience elevated heart rate, sleep disruption, irritability and digestive discomfort. Before you get onto any diet pill, talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks in the context of the state of your own health. If you experience anything unusual while taking a diet pill, stop and consult your doctor.

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